Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Mickey Mantle Collection 1969

Earlier this week I've been hinting at some monsters that are coming! I've gotten a few of them, I will start my series of posts containing purely Mickey Mantles!!!! My goal (not completed yet!) is to get his main card (not All star or shared picture cards) from every year of his playing career. I want the 52 Topps but if I have to settle for the 51 Bowman I won't be too upset.. we will see gotta be patient for that one.

Lets start off counting backwards! First we have his 1969 Topps Card!

Condition wise the card is really nice except for the obvious miscut. It's cool to see his career stats on the back of this card. Batted .298, 536 Home Runs, with 1509 RBI's. At that time he was 3rd on the All time home run list! He is currently 16th!

This is the Yellow variation on the card. I do not think I will chase the white since its rarity the price on it would be a bit much.

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Really nice, I always liked the final Mantle Topps card.