Monday, January 21, 2013

The Iron Man!!!

Recently, I've been going after Hall of Famer rookie cards for what I deem to be good prices. I was able to purchase this one for under 10 dollars, which is awesome!

Unfortunately, Bob Bonner and Jeff Schneider are not in the hall of fame, but some guy name Cal Ripken Jr made it. As every baseball fan knows he is the Iron Man for his amazing consecutive games played streak. The record was broken on September 6th 1995 when he played his 2,131st consecutive game. I was lucky enough to be at game 2,127 at Camden Yards! His streak ended at 2,632 games. I doubt this record will ever be broken. A player would have to play every game for 16+ years to tie his record.

I have his autograph on a different card and now his rookie. Just need a relic card of his to complete the mini collection!

Thanks for reading!

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