Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trade with Coot Veal and the Vealtones!

I got an email from fellow blogger Coot Veal and The Veal Tones. He said (in so many words) thank god someone collects Phillies cards I can give them to you and you can give me cards I actually want! I said hey I got some decent cards lets do this! We came to a rather quick agreement and sent a whole lotta random stuff which is awesome! I like exclamation points at 10pm!

I didn't nearly scan all the cards he sent. It was way more then I had the patience for so I went for themes. This was the Frank Thomas portion. I will have them cataloged shortly to my ever growing list! The Diamond King card is really sweet, but my favorite card of the bunch is the 1992 Topps Gold Winners card! I thought these were amazing when I was a kid and always wanted one!

Here is the Phillies portion. I love me some well loved 1959 Topps Wally Post. And look at that mini mini of Wes Chamberlain. As a kid I went to a lot of games at Veteran's Stadium and I always liked how the announcer said Wessssss Chamberlaiiin!!

Onto the Hits and more vintage portion of the trade. The Utley relic is real cool. I like them a lot on the Topps 60 design from last year. The Gran Hamner puts me one card closer to the 1955 Bowman Phillies Team set. The Burrell Patch is Manu but it still real thick and nice looking. The Connie Ryan is a nice card from 1952 bowman (I've yet to populate a list for this set but I believe this is only my 2nd card so yes!!!)

Thanks for the trade! I will have to find some more Tigers cards for our next one!

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  1. Glad you liked them. It was a great trade. I'll be hunting down Phillies and Franks for you, man.