Monday, January 7, 2013

One new card and a question about other cards

I recently picked up a sweet five star card that is pretty cool.

This Kershaw is low numbered and on card! Which as any auto collector knows, is where its at (and I got two turn tables and a microphone). Currently, I have put it aside for a trade that we are still working on the logistics but thats ok I'm patient I will hold it for that individual. In the mean time just wanted to share with you guys. I picked up quite a bit of Five Star and I do quite like the cards and am glad I didn't bite on buying boxes. I didn't get any Harpers or Trouts but I got plenty of Schmidts and other great players!

This question pertains to non baseball cards. I recently found (phew) my Magic The Gathering cards. I have a few decent ones (looking at completed ebay auctions) I was thinking of selling them individually or if someone were to offer for the lot I'd consider a good offer. My question is, whats the best way to go about doing this or is anyone out there collecting/playing m:tg and has any interest? I can provide a list of the good cards and scans of course. Let me know your thoughts or experience the best way to unload a collection at a fair price.

Thanks for reading and responding!

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  1. I had like 1,000 of them, by the time I pieced them all out and sold them...I made $10. Unless you have a good one or two, best it as a lot on ebay.