Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trade Post (also well overdue)

I not so recently completed a trade with Adam over at Thoughts and sox. He is a Bill Virdon supercollector and a nice auto hit ebay. I purchased it and had it sent directly to him. The centerpiece of what he sent back was the Eddie Murray RC. (My first and only one!). Although I am not a huge orioles fans who doesn't like Eddie Murray. (people who dont actually like him, please do not respond) He sent a few relics of some red sox over and a whole bunch of nice phillies cards I didnt have. The vintage and the masterpieces are much appreciated.

These are some nice additions to my collection. 

As a side note I still need to sort and catalog a whole bunch of piles. My want lists and trade lists are woefully out of date. Once that happens I will update more diligently. (If only i get paid to write a blog then work wouldnt take up so much of my time)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Long overdue props

I am officially back currently sans carpet. My stay in the hotel across the street from work was thankfully uneventful. My area was not hit as hard as our neighbors to the north.

I just wanted to give some props to Wes over at Jay Barker Fan's Junk he has hosted a few great card drafts for very low price points and he constantly has giveaways and other fun things on his blog. (One day I will have a contest just dont know for what yet) I participated in I believe it was draft number 3 (he has since had another one that I unfortunately was not able to participate). I got some cool cards as usual. I highlighted three of them below:

I really like the 1980 Phillies beat royals in 6 card. Anytime the Phillies win a playoff series it is cause for celebration. The other 2 cards are pretty nice bat relics. I wasn't collecting in 2008 and the A&G relics are pretty nice. The Bazooka blasts card is my first relic of Rafael Furcal. 

Just wanted to thank Wes for his outstanding contributions to the blogging community!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Unpublished hiatus is over!

Hi everyone,

I know I posted my cool new additions and then went dark for a bit. I was on vacation and now I am back, but unfortunately I came back to a burst pipe and a flooded living room. We got the carpet guy in quick and ripped it all out just have to live with the industrial fans for a bit. All will be well and posting will resume shortly.

Wicked and Arpsmith I hope you received the packages safely.

I have some cool new stuff to show (I recently completed an amazing set) and some nice group break things as well.

Talk to everyone soon!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Xfractor Awesomeness!

As all of you readers know I very much like Topps Chrome. I cracked a case of it to introduce this blog and had a blast doing it. After I saw the odds on the Xfractor parallel redemption sheets I knew I had to get my hands on at least one of them. I managed to snag 2 of them and they arrived in the mail recently. I had both of them professionally framed at a local framing shop and I couldn't be happier with the results. Both of the sheets have all different players and just look great on the frames. The only problem I'm having is figuring out which wall to display them properly in the new apartment.

Check them out!!

I'm not a great photographer but you get a good feel for how big they are with the frames. All the big rookies are represented between the 2 sheets. I will enjoy looking at these for years to come!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mini Update

Just wanted to let everyone know Topps has delivered the 2 Xfractor sheets (they look awesome). I am having them professionally framed, once i get them back from the store i will show everyone how they look!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Blast from the Past!

When I was a young kid there was 2 cards on my list that I had always wanted. The Frank Thomas no name on front rookie card (which unfortunately is still out of my price range). The other card is the famous brother of Cal, Billy Ripken's F- Face card. Thankfully that card is much cheaper and I was able to obtain it for a reasonable price.

Check it out!

The flash is strategically placed so you cant quite see the offending words.. but trust me its wonderful in its card glory that topps could let this happen. I am very happy to add this card to my collection. 


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nelson Cruz Diecut auto!

I recently acquired this sweet Nelson Cruz diecut off of ebay. I think I got an amazing price considering it is numbered out of 25 and quite a hard pull. It cost under 15 dollars. I had considered chasing this diecut auto set but its a bit rich for my blood. I am still working on the Sepia set (lots of progress has been made!) so until that is complete I don't want to take on another large project. The picture on this card doesn't do it justice. They are really sweet looking cards.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Joy of a Mini-set Completed!

I am a Phillies collector as all of you know. I recently acquired the last auto (not including the schmidt numbered out of 25) from the Topps archives set. They look quite nice all in the same page together. I became a big fan because of the 1993 Phillies so to get Kruk, Daulton and the Wild Thing together makes me happy.

I received the cards all different ways too. The Luzinski and Williams I received in Community Gum's case break. The Kruk was acquired in a trade with Cardboard Conundrum. The Hayes and McBride were pulled in a box I bought at a card show in June. The only one I purchased specifically was the Boone for 11 dollars on ebay. If anyone has the Schmidt i'd be willing to trade/buy it (I know its a long shot).