Monday, December 2, 2019

A Gold white whale!

I recently picked up a tough to find Ryan Howard card. I was pretty happy about getting a reasonable price on it too since they don't pop up too often. I would've been happy graded or raw so extra protection is fine with me.

Numbered 15 out of 24.

In more important news, Ryan Howard is going to be at the Philly show this coming Saturday! I got my photo op and premium autograph ticket, can't wait!

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Couple of Shiny Future Phillies!

I not so recently picked these cards up in a package deal. I wanted a particular Harper card and these came with it. Two of the Phillies top prospects this off season. The other is probably Spencer Howard because they are in desperate need of some consistent starting pitching besides Nola.

Both cards look good in person. I'm hoping Bohm is really good. Haven't seen him play yet but he should get every opportunity to become the Phillies new third baseman. There have also been rumors that the Phillies would entertain trading Hoskins and then shift Bohm to first and then sign Rendon (made up the Rendon part but hey why not?)

Next card show coming up in December looking forward to it!

Go offseason!

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

2019 Stadium Club Box Break

I like to try and open a box of Stadium club now and then. The photography is 2nd to none and sometimes get lucky and pull something cool. It's a fun box to open with every card being visually pleasing. This was a decent box the best card wasn't the auto!

The 2 autos were Tyler Skaggs and Chance Adams. Pretty sad with what happened to Skaggs this year.


The Jose Ramirez is the Chrome and the Johnny Bench is the gold minted variation.

The best card in the box was this Pete Alonso Photo Variation Rookie Card. Pretty nice to hit the eventual Rookie of the year variation. Didn't hit any Vlads but I'll take it!

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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Back from vacation!

The blog has been a little quiet this month. I have some cards to show but I was away with the wife on vacation. We spent 3 days in Rome and 3 days in Spain. It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it. Also, don't gate check your bag in Rome if you are connecting to a flight in Spain. We missed the connection due to a mechanical issue and then got stuck in the Barcelona airport for 7 hours and they lost my bag. I got it back 2.5 days later but that wasn't the best experience. Glad I was still in Spain when they found it otherwise I'd probably still be waiting.

Anyway card stuff! The World Series is now tied 2-2. Solid series. Kind of cheering for the Astros cause I can't cheer for the Nationals being a Phillies fan. Eagles were terrible when I was away so now that I'm back I think they will beat Buffalo today. (I have the right to edit this later..)

Check this card out..

Pretty nice on-card auto of Hoskins. Still looking for last years Heritage blue auto at a decent price. Hoskins didn't have the best season as everyone knows but I hope he bounces back next year. If the Phillies can get some real starting pitching and between him Harper and Realmuto they could have something. Hopefully Girardi does well and gets the best out of everyone!

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

1992 Fleer Ultra card!

Normally I would not get excited about a junk wax era card but there are some gems out there. I ran across this at the last card show and I had never seen one in person so I decided to buy it off the dealer. Maybe overpaid by a couple bucks compared to ebay (although with shipping not that far off) but it is my first Gwynn out and it is on-card and its pretty cool looking.

Has the Fleer stamp as you can see in the middle. Very legible and nice signature in black ink.

Gabe Kapler is still the Phillies manager. There is quite a few differing opinions now on whether he will stay or go. The Phillies are either really smart or really stupid.. can't figure out which.

Hope the playoffs are fun.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A nice 'new' vintage card!

This was a big pickup for the Phillies PC. I've been looking for a nice looking copy of this card but they don't pop up too often in my price range.

A nice PSA 3 Mike Schmidt O-Pee-Chee Rookie card! I now have the regular version and the nice Canadian version. No creases or paper loss. A little beat up on the corners and edges but meh that's Vintage for ya. A nice card to add to the PC! I will display it proudly!

Thanks for reading! The Kapler getting fired countdown has begun (at least according to sports talk radio, we shall see)

Monday, September 16, 2019

In person trade, at the Philly Show!

I went to the Philly Show this past Saturday with my wife. I had texted with Brian from Collecting Cutch about meeting up at the show. He was there to get his awesome piece signed by Andrew McCutchen and this show isn't a bad drive for me so we always try to go to it. There is a lot of dealers and I always get to see some amazing cards in person. Maybe overpay for a thing or 2 here or there but find some good deals as well. The show has really revived over the past year or so. It was dead for a minute there and I was worried it was on its way out and the promoter has really done a good job bringing people back. It was crazy packed on Saturday. It rivaled being as crowded as it was when the Eagles won the super bowl and a lot of the Eagles players were signing in the March show. It was really cool to see so many people of all ages enjoying our great hobby.

I picked up some stuff as usual. Some old, some new.Other posts will be for that.

Brian and I exchanged some cards. Definitely new cards for me!

The top 6 cards were from National Baseball card day which I didn't have any of so much appreciated for those. The Hamels is a mini from a rip card so they are not particularly easy cards to find. I have a couple Phillies now from rip cards (actually literally 2). 

The Negative of McCutchen is a really good looking card. I like these parallels in Chrome

Oh yea he just threw in a Steve Carlton autograph. Ho-hum! 

Thanks for the cards, the show was a lot of fun! Glad I was able to video Cutch signing the item! 

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