Sunday, July 25, 2021

Grifffffeyyyy!!!! (huge card!)

 I know I've probably mentioned in every post possible that I need the Griffey Jr Ionix auto. I was hoping someone would reach out and have one available or point me in the right direction. Unfortunately, my blog isn't overly popular (thank you to everyone that does read though, it means a lot to me!) I ended up posting on blowout cards asking for help. I had a Griffey collector contact me after 2 days! I was shocked and happy all at once! He originally said it wasn't for sale but he would help me out to complete my set. I paid a fair price but I believe its the going rate so no complaints at all! It's actually my first Griffey auto and its a beauty. 

I tried to get the glare off the card and I think I did a good job. On-card, Mariners uniform, year 2000. Hard to beat all the positives going for this card. Big bold auto as Griffey usually does.

For good measure, here is the auto set. Adrian Beltre, Ruben Mateo, Jose Canseco, Sean Casey, Manny Ramirez, Ken Griffey Jr, Derek Jeter, Shawn Green, Vladimir Guerrero, Scott Rolen, Pat Burrell, Carlos Beltron and Ben Davis. 

The Griffey was by far the hardest to find and most expensive. Jeter came in 2nd. I was glad I got a raw Jeter cause graded ones seem to be super pricey. 

I am now for all intents and purposes ONE card away from this master set. (missing some reciprocals but planning to grab them all on sportlots at some point) The Nomar Garciapparra Warp Zone. When I was on the fence about going after this hard to find insert set I actually lost an ebay auction back in December and haven't seen one since. I now have 14 of the Warp Zone's. Which is crazy, it's been quite the search. 

Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 16, 2021

Too long in between posts!

I'm always meaning to post but been busy with the kid and work and all. I have some things to post though. Been slowly but surely knocking out 2000 Upper Deck Ionix. I'm still in search of the Griffey auto but that's ok it'll turn up eventually! 

Transcendent! This is the Hoskins rookie card. Also, I may or may not be going to the Transcendent party in August (hint, I am!!!!!!!) Can't wait beyond excited! 

Thanks for reading, I will try and post more!


Friday, June 25, 2021

Philly Show Recap

 I know I'm a little late on this post. I went to my first card show in over a year and it was a blast. I literally spent opening to closing at the show and had a great time. Going into the show I knew prices were high like everything else these days. I brought my usual amount of cash but figured I'd be priced out of a lot or not willing to spend it. The show was full of dealers and people. There was as usual a nice selection of low to high end and dime boxes in between. Plenty to choose from. 

I did something I usually don't do as I mentioned in the previous post. I put together a trade/sell box of all my extras that I didn't really care for and figured other people might like. I had zero expectations, if I came back with every card no big deal and if I sold them all, great.  

I ended up trading about 2/3rd's of the box to 1 dealer in a pretty large deal for me. He had laid out in his showcase a 1986 Fleer set with the Jordan's for 15K or best offer. I asked him the question what would he take for the set without the Jordan's. He said no one had asked him that before it's usually the opposite question. I already have the Jordan's so no need to pay the big bucks for them again. (although mine I got years ago when they weren't big bucks). Eventually he came to a number of around 3,500. I did not have that kind of cash on me, so I just asked if he wanted to look into my trade box. He rifled through and started pulling cards. Had a nice little stack. He priced them out in his head to about a grand. I then went through and I was around 1,100 so close enough. It would've taken him a while to piece them out since it was a random selection of cards. After some back and forth (he really didn't want to give me a grand and honestly it wasn't about the money for me) he made an interesting offer and said he would give me the 86 Fleer set minus the Jordan's for 1,500 and the cards. I didn't have that much cash on me and wasn't willing to hit the ATM. He then offered to go through the trade box again and I talked him into a couple of the cards. He ended up with another stack of about 1,000 dollars worth of cards. Valuation wise we were super close. No deal breakers. I ended up giving him the 2 stacks of cards and 550 cash for the set and a Bryce Harper auto. 

Harper auto from 2018 Tier one. I liked the full signature and on-card (part of the stack of cards I traded him had a Harper sticker auto in it). 

Some cards were already graded. One being a BGS 9 Dr. J. The set also included all the stickers. Some of the key cards look real nice. Probably in the PSA 7-9 range. Some of the commons *maybe* I get a 10 in there somewhere. The hope and thought is get them all graded and see what shakes out. I could potentially score huge. If I piece it out right afterwards the idea would be to go after a 1952 Topps Mantle. This would be a years long project and that's ok but it's good to have goals! 

This deal took a good bit of negotiation and back and forth but I'm still really pumped about it. Happy to have this iconic set in my collection. 

I still had a few cards left to trade and went over to see a dealer friend of mine that's always at the Philly show and does online breaks etc. 

Ended up doing several small deals with him and ended up with some cool stuff. 

He likes to do box breaks and had some old school boxes. I gave him 40 dollars (literally after selling him a card for 40 dollars so in essence traded a card for these) to do a half box break of 2000 Topps Gallery. He let me split the packs randomly and pick the pile I wanted. I got lucky and pulled the Griffey Gallery of Heroes insert and the Jeter/Soriano insert. They are both real nice cards. 

He  has a re-pack product that he puts out occasionally and posts all the contents online for transparency. Also, you get entered in a drawing for a Jeter auto at the end when all the packs are opened. I ended up trading an Orel Hershisher refractor from 1994 Finest for 2 packs. Felt like gambling a little and I hit! 

Perfect card for me! I did not have 1 and Nola always has such a nice signature. The 2nd pack (forgot to take a pic of the card) was a lower end 2nd year Lebron card. I had no idea of the value so he looked it up for me and it came in around 60-80. I owned it for about 10 minutes and traded it to another dealer for these 2 cards. 

Randy Johnson and Trevor Hoffman rookies. They fit very nicely into my HOF rookie collections. 

I bought this card below cause I liked the look of it. It's made of cloth and just not something you see everyday. 

After wandering the show a bit more, I thought this Soto wasn't overpriced so I grabbed it. A fine 9 indeed. I think he's going to be a good one. 

I saw this bat at Hunt's auctions and I just really liked the look of it, so I grabbed it. I don't often buy bats but I have a few now in the collection. Something unique. 

Such a great Philly design. Just need a case now and some wall space to hang it. 

Oh yea and for fun, I dropped 2 million on this Tatis Superfractor (just kidding but I got to hold it) 

Maybe the most expensive card in the room? Had to be close to it. Saw some 1952 Mantles that people had marked over 300k. 

All in all, was a great time. Looking forward to the next one. I got rid of most of my trade bait that's been sitting around for years and turned it into an awesome set. Picked up some other fun things and it was just fun to chat about cards with people. I'm not a shy person so I struck up conversations with quite a few different people. 

Thanks for reading!

Friday, June 11, 2021

Going to the show!

I am hitting up the Philly show this weekend. Planning to bring some cards with but no expectations. If I sell or trade a few great if not, also great! Nothing too crazy, the "best" card probably being a Mike Trout blue refractor from 2013 Topps Chrome. I'm just excited the show is on. I'm fully vaccinated so I'm good to go! 

Here are some previous pickups from the Philly show (that isn't quite in Philly but thats ok)

No real rhyme or reason. I just picked some random pictures. I will be looking to complete 1952 bowman Phillies if I can. I want to put a dent in 1949 Bowman (I have the Ashburn and Roberts) so hoping I can get the other not as expensive cards! I'm always on the lookout for random things. Anything that catches my eye that I don't usually see or search on ebay. I will be absolutely shocked if I find that Griffey Ionix auto. I'd break out the ole credit card for that one! 

Go Phillies and yay for card shows coming back!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Just feel like showing off a little .. Sandy Koufax Edition

 I have been slow on posting this month. Need to get my priorities in order. 1. Blog, 2. Everything else. Everything else is keeping me really busy. All good though nothing bad to report. Got vaccinated, built a swing set, saw some people after being vaccinated. I've been enjoying the fantasy baseball season. My 2 teams are competitive at the moment but not sure if they are championship competitive. Need to get some luck and some guys need to turn it around some in order to compete. 

This was the most recent player run that I completed during the pandemic. (also the only player run I completed during the pandemic) Very glad I bought these before the price increases. I know the price in general has gone down some but I don't think any of these have hit the previous levels. 

They look good together! Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 14, 2021

Ryan Howard refractor!

 Today is my birthday! It feels nice when people reach out and say hey. 

Also, Ryan Howard wished me Happy Birthday! My family bought the cameo for me. It was really nice and it's pretty cool!

This refractor I picked up a while ago in person. I'm sure I didn't pay whatever the going rate is now. Everything is expensive and that's ok just means I'm worth millions in unrealized gains (I wish I'd totally sell a millions worth to retire haha) 

Also, have this nice card numbered out of 130. These seem to have been going up in price as well, they are harder and harder to come by lately. 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 26, 2021

The hunt continues!

I have made significant progress on my hunt for 2000 Upper Deck Ionix Master Set. Some cards have yet to pop up or I have yet to find them but I've found a few rare ones. The Warp Zone set which is super difficult to put together. I am down to 3 needed! Honestly, didn't think I would get that far. I even have 1 double! (not on purpose I actually pulled it from a pack!)  

These are the three I need:

Warp Zone: WZ4 Nomar, WZ6 I Rodriguez, WZ15 McGwire

This Griffey isn't super rare. It's pretty abundant online but I now have 2! It's still cool looking. I only need the Griffey Pyrotechnics to complete that insert set (I've seen 2 but I missed out on both unfortunately) 

The BIG card I need to find is the Griffey auto! Totally willing to overpay or offer way too much to get it. I've only ever seen a picture of it so I know it exists but I've yet to find it for sale or anywhere else for that matter. 

Thanks for reading and helping if you have any lines on the last remaining cards!