Monday, February 24, 2020

Some card from the previous National

I just received the last Sapphire Chrome card I need in the  mail for my Phillies team set today! Once I get those scanned I will post them up. They are super shiny. I was able to piece together the team set by buying lots off of people and then got the last card in a PWE. I wasn't able to find anyone selling full team sets. The price of a box was skyrocketed so I wasn't paying to open them.

The last National I attended was 2016 in Atlantic City. I live in driving distance so it's much easier then getting to Cleveland or Chicago (although both of those are technically drive-able its just a much longer ride) I spent Thursday and Friday there with my wife and had a great time. I met Donovan McNabb and spent all of my money on cards. The prize being this one of course ..

I still consider this card the centerpiece of my collection. Very thrilled I was able to find it and not even from a dealer. One guy selling and trading cards to a dealer happened to have 3 of them and he was kind enough to sell me one.

I'm not sure if I have 1 big big card I want to go after at this time. I always wanted the Griffey/Mantle dual auto from 1994 Upper Deck but I think the price have grown a bit too high for my tastes.

I'm still working on various Phillies team sets from the 50s, 60s and 70s so I'm sure that will be a focus.

The reason for this post is that I just booked my hotel room in late July to go to the National again this year! I plan on attending Wednesday (hopefully I think you need VIP tickets?), Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Probably leave to go home sometime on Saturday.

After 2 days there last time I saw a lot but I'm sure I missed some stuff. Spent a good chunk of time asking if dealers had the NNOF card. Most dealers said they wish they had it and if they did they would keep it and got the occasional one that would tell me a story or when they had it in the 90s. I do like a good story so I didn't mind that at all.

Getting excited for Baseball, Fantasy Baseball and the National!

Thank for reading!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

2019 Topps Chrome blaster

I tend to pick up a blaster here or there to sample the cards and maybe pull a keeper or two. It's cheaper then hobby and then if I don't like the design then I don't have that many card. Did pretty well in this blaster.

An Alonso Refractor RC and the Base RC and an Acuna. Not too shabby!

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Saturday, February 15, 2020

A gift and a trade!

I recently received a nice package from Too Many Verlanders. I am looking for something cool to send him back. I plan on hitting up a card show in the next few weeks so hopefully can find something there.

The Scott Rolen auto is a like a larger photo type of thing. Pretty cool. I always appreciate the Ryan Howards and I know a few of them are new to me. Anything numbered is appreciated. I always liked Upper Deck Masterpieces too. That set is just nice.

A while ago I did a small trade with Cards Your Mom Threw Out. I am failing at finding the link to his blog at the moment. Please post if someone has it and I will update this post.
He helped me out with my want list (which shockingly is still up to date but I've been super lazy about actually hunting those cards down). Always appreciate any Frank Thomas cards. I have a couple binders full of his base/insert card and they are super fun to flip through.

I only have 1 card left for the Phillies Sapphire Chrome Team set. Once I get it in, I'll be sure to share those. They are super shiny in person.

Spring Training has begun! Thank for reading!

Sunday, February 2, 2020

A new Ryan Howard! Also looking for Sapphire cards

I was able to snag another copy of the 2003 Bowman's Best Ryan Howard relic. I do like the look of these cards and grab them when I see a good price.

Super shiny, I like they way they scan.

Also, I am looking to complete the 2019 Topps Chrome Sapphire Phillies team set.

2019 Topps Chrome Sapphire:
45 Nick Pivetta
163 Aaron Nola
248 Justin Bour
303 Ranger Suarez
400 Bryce Harper
430 Roman Quinn
455 Zach Eflin
472 Scott Kingery
543 Nick Williams
619 Tommy Hunter

Willing to buy or trade whatever works. 

Thanks for reading!