Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's the Offseason!

Apparently it's too cold for baseball, but cold enough for winter meetings and people presumably in suits to meet and talk baseball. The first big contract of the year was signed Jordan Zimmerman 5 years 110 million. The way contracts are now-a-days that's probably about right. I probably watched 100 Nationals games last year and he was a decent but not spectacular pitcher. I remember when the Phillies were after Cliff Lee a few years ago. That was a fun off-season to be a Phillies fan.

On a different note, I have officially joined blow out cards. I already completed one trade and agreed to another. Always enjoy talking shop with people so just another avenue to do that. I typically don't post a lot on message boards in general but I like having the option to buy or trade with people. I've basically been trading cards online for over 20 years now. Started out with Magic the Gathering and now onto Baseball!

I've gotten a few e-mails/comments from people that received the give away! I hope everyone enjoys the cards. I tried my best to tailor each package to what people wanted.

Here's a page from my 2012 Topps Chrome Sepia set. Wonder if anyone else put this one together. That was a lot of fun back then, one of the center pieces of my collection!

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Giveaway now closed!

I was not a procrastinator! I have all but 2 packages ready to go. I will do those 2 in the morning and send everything tomorrow. Also, unrelated note, I hit 100 followers! I'm practically facebook level now!

I'm going to list the zips just so if you e-mailed me and I somehow missed it, you can let me know. I don't think I missed any, but anything is possible.

People receiving cards:


Thanks everyone for participating! .. Remind me next time to put a longer timeline on sending out. I never put that many packages together at once, took me a while!

Obligatory Happy Picture:

One of my favorite Hall of Fame rookie cards!

Edit: Every package has been sent!! (2 trips to the post office later!)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Giveaway: Please come on in!

It has been way way too long since I have done a contest or a giveaway. In the next month I am moving to a house and cards are heavy. Please help spare my back by taking some into your collections! I can't guarantee anything crazy to give away but I'll try and include at least one auto or relic in every package.

All YOU have to do is leave a quick comment saying you want in and e-mail me your address at brauer144 at gmail dot com I know I've traded with many of you but I tend to not save many addresses so I probably don't have it handy. Assume I don't have yours and you get cards. In your e-mail pick a team or teams that you are interested in and I can slant the package to those teams.

I will be attempting to mail everything on Tuesday of this week so I will close the giveaway Monday night at 10 PM.

I am expecting nothing in return for these cards but I know how generous the blogosphere is. Please do not send cards back to the address on the return envelope. I will provide my new address after we move if you want it.

And most importantly, Have fun!

Go Temple!

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Obligatory Picture:

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

PWE from 2x3 Heroes!

I was lucky enough to receive a Plain White Envelope from 2 x 3 Heroes! He always manages to send something interesting. I feel like I'm behind on returning the favor. I have a ton of White Sox cards that I need to send back!

A smorgasbord of Howard's!

My main goal in the next few months in regards to organization is figure out how many Howard's I have and which ones I actually need. I've done a lot of blind trading the last couple years and have gotten many cards from you guys and girls... and I haven't kept any sort of checklist at all! If I can organize and catalog then I can actually provide direction on what I need. Quite a concept!

If you are planning on sending me a package in the next week or two please hold off, my address will be changing and although I will forward the mail better safe then sorry!

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cards from Too Many Verlanders!

I received a nice package in the mail a few weeks ago from Too Many Verlanders! He knows what I collect and always does a nice job on sending some interesting things. Hopefully Verlander will recover from his injuries this past year and go back to being a dominant pitcher. Always enjoyed watching him.

Nothing like a reprint of Ryan Howard (I am currently wearing a Ryan Howard shirt) so good timing. I have the original of course but the blue tint adds a little something to the card. This is my first and only auto of Kyle Drabek. I had one in a Toronto Uniform in 2011 but I traded it. He was the centerpiece of the Roy Halladay deal. Unfortunately, he had Tommy John surgery and hasn't been the same pitcher since. Halladay had an amazing run with the Phillies and was a joy to watch. Nothing like going to 3 straight games and seeing Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels and Roy Halladay pitch. Mets fans enjoy it while you have it. Syndergaard, Harvey and DeGrom are going to be tough to beat for a few years. 

Always appreciate getting those retail only patch cards. I hate spending money on them so trading is way better. The Bourn card is super thick with that helmet. It's pretty cool. He's put together a decent career for himself.

He also sent this..

Full disclosure.. I took the pic off of google images, but yes I now have a Frank Thomas can! Love all the odd ball stuff that exists. The 90s were a great time to be growing up in. Y2K and all! 

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Some more Chrome!

Hope everyone enjoyed my Gint A Cuffs winner's box. The Baez was pretty cool to hit. It's definitely my current largest autographed card. I know there was a comment asking for the JP Morgan Mini and for the McCutchen Printing plate. I'm sorry I have not responded specifically been behind on all things blog related. They are both set aside so we can trade or blind trade or whatever.

On another note I was able to get my 2nd Printing plate of this year's Chrome!

 Magenta! Looks pretty good!

Also Pink...

I've been haphazardly going after this rainbow as well. The lowest parallel besides the Printing Plates I've been able to acquire is the Orange out of 25. Still missing quite a few others though including the tough Red (out of 5) and of course the Superfractor. Which is always satisfying if it ever shows up. The hot stove is heating up. I think the Phillies will let Howard play out his contract but probably as a part time player. No one will take the contract and the Phillies are in re building mode and really have no young first base talent at the moment. I wonder if Howard has one more Topps Chrome in him.

Unrelated note, what a game last night! How about them Eagles! Jordan Mathews looked like a guy who can catch and catch well. Everything near him he was able to snag. Hopefully that bye week got his head on straight and its a sign of things to come!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Gint A Cuffs Winners Box Final Part!

Only 6 Packs to go!

Currently sitting at 144.2

Pack 19:

Madison Bumgarner -- +2
David Cross
Marcel Ozuna
Josh Donaldson
Jacoby Ellsbury -- -1
Jonathan Singleton
Starting Points Jose Altuve -- +2
Magna Carta Mini -- +2

Pack Total: +5
Running Total: +149.2

Pack 20:

Juan Lagares
Justin Morneau
Glen Perkins
Appomattox Court House
Starting Points Jimmy Rollins -- +2
Victor Martinez No Number 10th anniversary Framed mini -- +4
Dee Gordon Regular Mini

Pack Total: +6
Running Total: +155.2

Pack 21:

Prince Fielder -- +2 FP
Daniel Norris
Steve Cishek
Kelia Moniz
Menagerie of the Mind Griffen -- +2
Aroldis Chapman Full Sized Relic -- +6
Jason Kipnis Regular Mini -- +3 FP

Pack Total: +13
Running Total: +168.2

Pack 22:

Devin Mesoraco
Brandon Belt -- +2 FP
Jonathan Schoop
Evan Longoria
Brett Gardner -- -1
Jeremy Roenick
Ancient Armory Quarterstaff -- +2
Alex Cobb Black Mini -- +3

Pack Total: +6
Running Total: +174.2

Pack 23:

Megan Kalmoe -- +2 FP
Kole Calhoun
Jorge Soler -- +1 FT
Hunter Strickland
Brody Stevens
Chris Tillman
Starting Points Chris Davis -- +2
Joe Nathan Regular Mini

Pack Total: +5
Running Total: +179.2

Final Pack!

David Freese
Jenry Mejia
Adam Lind
Brandon Finnegan
Yimi Garcia
Kendall Graveman
Ancient Armory Katana -- +2
Regular Mini Jered Weaver

Not an exciting last pack.

Pack Total: +2
Running Total: +181.2

Very solid box again! Very happy with my 2 foray's into Allen and Ginter this year. Definitely quitting while I'm ahead!

If this was my contest box I would've been in 3rd place behind myself and one other person. So technically second? Pretty good, either way!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Gint A Cuffs Winner's Box Part 3

Currently sitting at 120.2 points. 2 Hits are gone, 1 to go!

Onto the packs!

Pack 13:

Paul Scheer -- -1
Marlon Byrd
Craig Kimbrel -- +2 FP
Sam Tuivailala
Manny Machado
Mookie Betts
Menagerie of the Mind Leprechaun -- +2
Magnates Barons and Tycoons JP Morgan -- +2

Pack Total: +5
Running Total: +125.2

Pack 14:

Lakey Peterson
Yasiel Puig
Mike Mills
Dallas Keuchel
Cliff Lee
What Once was Believed Open Polar Sea -- +2
Mike Morse A&G Back -- +2

Pack Total: +4
Running Total: +129.2

Pack 15:

Andrelton Simmons
Carlos Beltran -- -1
Kenley Jansen
Angel Pagan
Grant Balfour
Yasmany Tomas
What Once Would Be Giant Airlines -- +2

Pack Total: +1
Running Total: +130.2

Pack 16:

Daniel Murphy
Kyle Lohse
Xander Bogearts
Troy Tulowitzki
Neftali Feliz
Kolten Wong
Starting Points Matt Kemp -- +2
Craig Kimbrel A&G Back -- +2 +2 FP

Pack Total: +6
Running Total: +136.2

Pack 17:

Ike Davis
Jung Ho Kang
Mitch Moreland
Buster Posey
Howie Kendrick
Starting Points Matt Adam -- +2
What's in a Name Willie Stargell 10th Anniversary Issue -- +2
Jon Jay regular mini

Pack Total: +4
Running Total: +140.2

Pack 18:

Nolan Arenado
Ryan Braun
Matt Kemp
Carl Crawford
Grant Miller
Brian Quinn
Starting Points Giancarlo Stanton -- +2
Kennys Vargas A&G Back Mini -- +2

Pack Total: +4
Running Total: +144.2

Only 6 packs to go. Going to need something huge to break my winning box of 193.6!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Gint A Cuffs Winner's Box Part 2

Real solid start!

Running total is currently sitting at 85.2.

Here we go!

Pack 7:

Jake Arrieta -- +1
Huston Street
Robb Wolf
Andrew McCutchen
Gregory Polanco
Jason Kipnis -- +2
Starting Points David Wright -- +2 +2 FP
James Mccann Regular Mini

Pack Total: +7
Running Total: +92.2

Pack 8:

Nick Tropeano
Ryan Zimmerman
Starlin Castro -- +1
Marcus Siemen
Rubby De La Rosa
Menagerie of the Mind Chimera -- +2
Chris Tillman Black Mini -- +3

Pack Total: +6
Running Total: +98.2

Pack 9:

Bernie Williams -- +1
Hanley Ramirez
Buck Farmer
Steven Moya
Masahiro Tanaka -- -1
Didi Gregorious -- -1
Ancient Armory Chu Ko Nu -- +2
Mythological Menaces Eris -- +2

Blah 2 Yankees in one pack!

Pack Total: +3
Running Total: +101.2

Pack 10:

Bryce Harper
Jonathan Lucroy
Jayson Werth
Addison Reed
Rusney Castillo
Apollo Creed
Starting Points Jacob DeGrom -- +2
Hoist the Black Flag Charles Vane -- +2 

Pack Total: +4
Running Total: +105.2

Pack 11:

Justin Upton
Travis Ishikawa
Zach Lowe
Miguel Cabrera
Chris Coghlan -- +1
Eric Hosmer
Starting Points Yu Darvish -- +2
Devin Mesoraco regular mini  

Pack Total: +3
Running Total: +108.2

A bit slower then the beginning.. the ups and down of GAC!

Pack 12: 

Corey Dickseron
Paul Goldschmidt
Buster Olney
Brian Dozier
Ancient Armory Atlatl -- +2
First Ladies Nancy Reagen -- +2
Charlie Blackmon Framed Mini Relic -- +8

Pack Total: +12
Running Total: +120.2

Solid end to this part. A nice framed mini relic of a decent player. He had a bunch of steals this year and really filled up the stat sheet. 

Thanks for reading!