Friday, July 31, 2015

Well that was a fun run..

Bye bye Cole Hamels officially. What a way to go. No-Hitter.. then traded! Can't say that happens too often.

Will always remember 2008 postseason. One of the greatest pitching performances in the post season. NLCS and WS MVP. Well deserved as well. Also, he only made 500K that year.. he's making 23,500,000 this year.. wish I could get that kind of percentage raise haha.

This is one of the more active trade deadlines in recent memory. Lots of big names on the move, Price, Cueto, Hamels, Cespedes, Gomez come to mind without looking anything up.

We shall see if the prospects the Phillies got in return pan out. Here's hoping to World Series 2018!

Obligatory Hamels card...

I also have the Halladay and Lee from this set.

And to sum it all up..

Now that was a fun rotation to watch!

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Boom - No hitter!

Amidst the Phillies mostly dreadful season. Cole Hamels in possible his last start if he gets traded as a Phillie pitched one of the best games of his career. As he said in the post game interview. Nothing tops the World Series but this is a close second.

This is my nicest card of his I think. Hopefully he stays and the Phillies win the world series next year.. but if he goes wish him all the best he's done quite well coming up through the farm and then we can hand the reigns to the next great Phillies pitched Aaron Nola.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

A plate.. no not that kind of plate!

I was able to add another piece of the Ryan Howard puzzle to the ole PC the other day. I picked up a printing plate that finally surfaced from last year. If you guys remember I was attempting to get every Ryan Howard parallel and auto and relic from last year's Topps brands. I did pretty decent. Kinda fell off with all the bowman parallels. I missed out on some of the higher end Museum Collection but still got a few of those. I was able to snag the superfractor which makes me happy! Those are some really awesome cards.

Here's my 2nd printing plate from Turkey Red!

This is the yellow version. It's in pretty good shape. I don't buy all the plates that hit ebay but if the price is right or I have an irrational need to collect them all (pokemon!) I go after it!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying summer!

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Massive PC pickup -- Bat Knob!!

Here is the card that I teased about in my previous post. I am sorry to keep my dozens of readers waiting but time to scan got in the way!

Without much more words...

A 2015 Tier One Bat Knob!!! This is a pretty sweet centerpiece of the Ryan Howard collection! I had tried multiple times to get one and this one had a terrible ending time so I was more then happy to grab it!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It has arrived..!

But I'm exhausted and I don't feel like scanning anything! I promise to show everyone soon my latest centerpiece!!

In the meantime I got this card!

Pretty sweet refractor numbered out of 50! I like the clean look of these Finest cards.

To be continued!

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Max Materials!

I got this card off the ebay pretty cheap (under 10 dollars). It's a sweet looking relic to add to the collection!

Low Numbered, a bunch of pinstripes. I like it! I even like the name of the card Ultimate Maximum Materials!!! It sounds like a wrestling personality. Very well done by Upper Deck before they decided to not pay for licensing and get sued. Regardless, happy to get it!

Also, made a large purchase for a single card yesterday! A card I've been chasing a while and have come close a few times but finally landed one! It should arrive next week sometime and I'll be sure to show everyone!

Can't wait, have a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Topps Stadium Club Blaster Break!

I haven't had the opportunity to open a ton of cards this year but I did want to see Stadium Club up close. I heard the photos and paper stock were quite good this year. In that aspect, I was not disappointed. Thankfully, I have low expectations of hitting anything great out of a blaster.

These were the only 2 non-base cards. Both yellow foils. I like the Puig picture, the background really makes it pop.

These were just a few more of the photos I liked from my pack opening. The gatorade bath, the old black and white look. I think Topps did a great job on the look of this set this year. It would be a treat to flip through in a binder and see them all. That's the mark of a good set!

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Sunday, July 5, 2015


Happy end of 4th of July weekend! It was a lot of fun for me. Went to the Phillies game on Thursday for the fireworks. They were awesome as always (Team lost 8-7 in a long (4 hour) game) Hung out with the family on Saturday and saw Terminator Gensys. I enjoyed it for what it is. Lots of action, fun Terminator stuff happened. Did the barbecue thing with my best friend on Saturday. Checked out his new house and hung out with some other people we haven't seen in a while. All in all very fun weekend. Currently halftime for the Women's World Cup, 4-1 !! Go USA!

Anyway.. supreme referred to this card..

Bought this card off ebay for a good price. Although, it's a sticker auto it still looks good on the design of the card. I never personally bought any Supreme so it's nice to have the card in the Howard PC! It's a shame his career is winding down the way it is, but I'll always remember the good times when the Phillies had that run and he was a big reason for it.

Thanks for reading and Hope everyone had a nice weekend!