Sunday, July 25, 2021

Grifffffeyyyy!!!! (huge card!)

 I know I've probably mentioned in every post possible that I need the Griffey Jr Ionix auto. I was hoping someone would reach out and have one available or point me in the right direction. Unfortunately, my blog isn't overly popular (thank you to everyone that does read though, it means a lot to me!) I ended up posting on blowout cards asking for help. I had a Griffey collector contact me after 2 days! I was shocked and happy all at once! He originally said it wasn't for sale but he would help me out to complete my set. I paid a fair price but I believe its the going rate so no complaints at all! It's actually my first Griffey auto and its a beauty. 

I tried to get the glare off the card and I think I did a good job. On-card, Mariners uniform, year 2000. Hard to beat all the positives going for this card. Big bold auto as Griffey usually does.

For good measure, here is the auto set. Adrian Beltre, Ruben Mateo, Jose Canseco, Sean Casey, Manny Ramirez, Ken Griffey Jr, Derek Jeter, Shawn Green, Vladimir Guerrero, Scott Rolen, Pat Burrell, Carlos Beltron and Ben Davis. 

The Griffey was by far the hardest to find and most expensive. Jeter came in 2nd. I was glad I got a raw Jeter cause graded ones seem to be super pricey. 

I am now for all intents and purposes ONE card away from this master set. (missing some reciprocals but planning to grab them all on sportlots at some point) The Nomar Garciapparra Warp Zone. When I was on the fence about going after this hard to find insert set I actually lost an ebay auction back in December and haven't seen one since. I now have 14 of the Warp Zone's. Which is crazy, it's been quite the search. 

Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 16, 2021

Too long in between posts!

I'm always meaning to post but been busy with the kid and work and all. I have some things to post though. Been slowly but surely knocking out 2000 Upper Deck Ionix. I'm still in search of the Griffey auto but that's ok it'll turn up eventually! 

Transcendent! This is the Hoskins rookie card. Also, I may or may not be going to the Transcendent party in August (hint, I am!!!!!!!) Can't wait beyond excited! 

Thanks for reading, I will try and post more!