Tuesday, January 21, 2020


I really did like that movie Inception! I've seen it at least 5 times and I still haven't figured out when the dream sequence began and if Leo ever got out of it. The concept is cool though. This post is more about the cards. I had bought a lot of inception cards a while back to get a low numbered Rhys Hoskins auto but all these other cards came with it.

 Adam Cimber on-card auto

 Dakota Hudson, rookie patch auto. He had some good starts last year. I spot started him on my fantasy team a few times last year.

Justus Sheffield on-card auto, no idea if he's any good.

Kolby Allard on-card auto.

A pretty nice looking gold auto of Touki Toussaint. He had some run last year, some good moments and some bad. I think the Braves will give him a decent shot next year. 

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

A couple of frames!

I will admit I like the framed look from Ginter. I'm not a huge fan of the minis cause I don't like storing odd sized cards (as my brother can attest I've given him boxes worth of minis). I have a few rare ones that I'll keep but overall I don't generally go after them myself.

I was able to snag this card at a show for a good price. He has such a nice signature. Hopefully him and Wheeler form a solid 1-2 punch this year.

Hard to see the numbering in the upper left, but it is 24 out of 25. A nice little bonus of scarcity. I believe this is my 10th Nola auto. (I just counted since I have a list on my own website of my Phillies hits how convenient). I picked up most of them when they were in the 10 dollar range before he had his really good season. I hope he pitches light out this year and win the Cy Young, that'd be awesome.

The other frame I have is an old Phillies pitcher now pitching for the enemy Braves.

From Topps 206 the Polar Bear relic frame. Aesthetically pleasing card. Relics are rather inexpensive these days so I'm sure it wasn't more then a couple dollars to pick up. I tend to buy these more in person because shipping costs more then the card if you buy online.

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Sunday, January 12, 2020

1995 SP Championship Big Hurt

I like to pick up random 90s Frank Thomas cards that I don't have when I see them. I don't have too many high-end ones but the 90s were a hot bed of fun inserts and die-cuts and holograms and everything in between. I picked this card up at a show.

Solid card, nice action shot. 

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A Rainbow of Sorts!

I was able to grab 2 Ryan Howard cards that I had been looking for since I decided to re-enter this crazy hobby of ours. It basically completed this Rookie Rainbow.

This is the Orange County Edition numbered out of 5. I have only ever seen 1 copy of it and I was lucky enough to win it in an open auction.

This one is numbered out of 57. I've seen a couple copies out there but I negotiated with the seller to purchase it.

These are the other cards to complete the Rainbow...

The gold out of 24 and the blue out of 42! It's nice to finally have them all. They look good together.

I also have these to look at..

Always on the lookout for more of them!

Thanks for reading! Side note -- my iphone told me today there was a snow squall while I was driving with that alert notification thing. I made it to work fine and then it snow squalled for about 15 minutes, very interesting weather.

Saturday, January 4, 2020


These are my most recent Rhys editions. I've built up a nice little PC of his. Have a stack of his cards on my table in the card room. I've tried to be semi selective on what I pickup since he was the IT guy and had a lot of different cards come up very quickly.

A transcendent rookie card. I would love to buy a box of this one day but unless I hit the lottery it's probably not going to happen. Or if i start a group breaking company and don't keep any of the cards for myself.

I grabbed this card at the last Philly show for 10 dollars. I thought that was pretty fair, The black parallel looks good. I know these cards are pretty popular in general so it was nice to see out in the wild and not pay shipping.

Can't wait til pitchers and catchers report, and Fantasy Baseball season (2 time defending champ!)

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