Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 Topps Chrome Sapphire Phillies Set

I recently picked up the entire Phillies Team set in one fell swoop of the blue shiny cards. I unfortunately was not able to pick up a case of Topps Chrome this year (actually tried to at the National but they were sold out and ended up getting my Holy Grail instead, funny how that works out) but I was able to get all the Phillies of this online only set (that is way over priced!)

They look nice:

The gold Cody Ashe is numbered out of 5. That was just a nice throw in by the seller. Can't complain about that. I was reading about Ryan Howard today. Apparently, he's getting up at 6:30 Am everyday to train and keep his body in top shape for the upcoming season. Gotta admire the dedication and wantingness to continue his career. It'd be cool to see him hit 400 home runs (he's currently at 382). I did witness his last home run in a Phillies uniform. I was at the 2nd to last game with my wife against the Mets last year. We weren't able to go to the last game but that was a nice consolation prize. He will always be the Big Piece that won a title in Philadelphia.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Back From Vacation!

I took a quick jaunt across the country to visit Dan from The Other World. He doesn't post as much as he used to but he is still my brother. He did show me his sweet Sandy Koufax rookie. Very nice piece of history. I didn't get anything card board related and I still have things to scan but I have some nice things to show. The Hot Stove has been interesting, Chris Sale is now a Red Sox and Adam Eaton is now a National and the White Sox now have a ton of potential. The Red Sox pitching should be good. Wonder if they'll rival the powerhouse that was Hamels, Halladay, Oswalt and Lee. That group had a few great seasons but never won the whole thing. Timely hitting is important as well in the playoffs.

Here's a pretty sweet Frank Thomas insert. Big Hurt is one of the better baseball nicknames out there. Topps Dynasty came out. Those cards look nice but way out of my price point. Maybe grab a single one day. Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

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