Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Cards from Cutch!

I not so recently received these cards from my friend Collecting Cutch! He writes a Andrew McCutchen centric blog and actually posts quite a bit of good content. I like to think I post content, good is debatable. I finally pulled a Cutch card he didn't have and after enjoying it in my collection a while I decided to send it over to him.. he responded by beefing up my Ryan Howard collection.

Check out the goodness!

A couple of Honus Bonus 1/1's

A really nice Topps Sterling White Parallel. These cards are really nice in person.

Topps Tribute Topps Blank back 1/1! 

Very much appreciate for the cards. Sorry I took so long to post them up. 

Short Ryan Howard bidding story. My friend Collecting Cutch pointed me in the direction of the Ryan Howard signed Topps contract that the topps vault puts out on ebay every now and then. I bid 175 dollars on a snipe and lost.. no joke someone had a higher max. I was like ok if I ever see another one I am not messing around. Another one popped up about a month ago.. I figured I'd bid a little earlier then the last 3 seconds so that didn't happen again. I bid it up to 300 dollars and lost.. Is Ryan Howard buying back his own Topps Contracts?!

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Longest Give-away ever

I have officially mailed the 5th package today. There was no rhyme or reason to the order. They were kinda heavy so I did 2 at a time and then mailed the last one this morning. My local post office has decent hours so that's nice. They open at 7 AM so I can typically get there before work if I have too. I hope the cards survive. I tried my best to package them pretty tight. Also, they are not in any semblance of order.. so have fun sorting and going through them!

This Ryan Howard card is supposedely out of 25 since its the red version. I grabbed it off of ebay since I didn't have one. Don't care that its graded but thats ok because I didn't pay the outrageous fees these days.

I had a thought to grade my entire 2012 Topps Sepia Chrome set. And then I looked at the cost. It would probably cost more to grade then it took my acquire all of the cards. I'll be happy looking at in a binder for the near future. Although would I get a PSA award for best modern set ( or something) if i went that route. Is that worth over a grand? Can you put a price on semi meaningless awards?!

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Give-away has been Randomized!

All the cards are officially packaged up. My wife picked a random number to randomize. I have 5 large flat rate boxes to address and send. The top 5 are from random.org

List Randomizer

There were 8 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Stealing Home
  2. JWilden
  3. Jafronius
  4. Brett
  5. Chris
  6. Julie
  7. John
  8. Matt 

Congratulations Stealing Home, JWilden, Jafronius, Brett and Chris! Please email me your address (even if I already have it just want to make sure I don't mess these up) to brauer144@gmail.com

And since this is a baseball card blog.. look a card!

 A rare Gavin Floyd Ryan Howard dual autograph!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

I didn't forget still working on it!

Cards have been sorted out. My dining room table is currently a small mess. So far I have packaged up 2 large flat rates. I have to go by the post office and pick up a couple more. I have no idea whats in each. They will be random along with the 8 people that said they'd be cool with getting cards.

Wanted to show off this card..

Not sure if you can tell great by the scan this is a refractor. Apparently one of the short print refractors from 1994. I pulled it myself in a box a couple years ago. Pretty nice card.

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Monday, June 4, 2018

Super quick update

I am almost done sorting out the cards then I am going to box them up and do the give-away. Have enough responses that I can give it all away. Not sure how many boxes they are going to fill though.

The Meadows card I posted a few posts ago is now SOLD! It's gone left positive feedback quite happy with the return but it was a fair deal overall.

Obligatory card:

One of my favorite Vintage cards. Still on the hunt for a Robin Roberts to pair with it!

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