Sunday, May 30, 2021

Just feel like showing off a little .. Sandy Koufax Edition

 I have been slow on posting this month. Need to get my priorities in order. 1. Blog, 2. Everything else. Everything else is keeping me really busy. All good though nothing bad to report. Got vaccinated, built a swing set, saw some people after being vaccinated. I've been enjoying the fantasy baseball season. My 2 teams are competitive at the moment but not sure if they are championship competitive. Need to get some luck and some guys need to turn it around some in order to compete. 

This was the most recent player run that I completed during the pandemic. (also the only player run I completed during the pandemic) Very glad I bought these before the price increases. I know the price in general has gone down some but I don't think any of these have hit the previous levels. 

They look good together! Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 14, 2021

Ryan Howard refractor!

 Today is my birthday! It feels nice when people reach out and say hey. 

Also, Ryan Howard wished me Happy Birthday! My family bought the cameo for me. It was really nice and it's pretty cool!

This refractor I picked up a while ago in person. I'm sure I didn't pay whatever the going rate is now. Everything is expensive and that's ok just means I'm worth millions in unrealized gains (I wish I'd totally sell a millions worth to retire haha) 

Also, have this nice card numbered out of 130. These seem to have been going up in price as well, they are harder and harder to come by lately. 

Thanks for reading!