Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Sweet Spot!

I had been passively searching for a card like this for a while. Gavin Floyd was a Phillies top prospect for a few years and Ryan Howard is obviously my main PC guy.

Kinda crooked scan. But on wood autos low numbered. Solid looking card. Quite pleased with the execution. I don't think this is the year where they had trouble with fading either.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cards from Brian!

I finally scanned some stuff! Also, I started the Ryan Howard organization. I currently have 3 stacks sitting in the card room waiting to be sorted. I went through all the unsorted Phillies boxes and pulled out the Howard's. I have not gone through the semi-random binders yet (but I will!). Brian from the great blog Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary! sent me a nice PWE. The thing to do seems to use the the 9 pocket pages and fit the cards in that way. It also seems to be working.

(side note, quite a thunderstorm going on outside at the moment, we actually lost power for like 30 seconds)

Check out the cards!

Definitely sent some needs. I had no Ryan Howard's from this years topps, but now I have the really nice looking Perspectives insert! Cliff Lee is looking shiny there in the now discontinued Bowman Platinum. (Also, his career is probably over, the elbow/arm issues too much to overcome) (also also, wish the Phillies never traded him away, that was dumb) Always remember Aaron Rowand for running head first into the centerfield fence and busting his face up but still catching the ball!

Thanks for the cards and Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Re-Pack from the Wife!

A couple weeks ago my wife was in Target? (I think it was Target) and decided to grab one of those 10 packs for 10 dollars or some such deal. As always, packs are fun to open!

Here's a few things we got!

This card was just loose in the box. I was surprised when I saw it, but I will never complain about a decent on-card auto. I don't know a lot about the prospect but he's on the Cubs and they are a rising team. Apparently, he's only 19 years old so could have a few more years until he's Major League ready. And then I will sell this card for about 10 million and retire!

Here's a nice sampling of cards that were pulled. I like the Panini Cooperstown cards despite the lack of logos. A Posey (he's good) and a gold Tim Wakefield. (I really enjoyed the documentary Knuckleball!) If you enjoy baseball thats a good one!

Last but certainly not least!

From one single pack of 2008 Topps Jumbo, hit a PC card! It was really fun to pull a Howard that is staying in the collection. I'm sure at some point or another the other cards will be going out to you guys out in blogoland. (made that word up!) (exclamation point)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Ryan Howard SIlver!

Happy Post Valentine's Day and President's Day! Hope everyone had a nice long weekend. We enjoyed it. Also, Happy Chinese New Year's! Lots of happiness to go around.

Just a card I picked up recently.

Not graded high.. but I don't care! Cost me a dollar! This is the 2nd Silver one I have, but I won't turn them down for that cheap. Topps Total is a massive set so they don't turn up that often.

Almost Spring Training time!

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Variation!

Topps seems to be variation crazy these days. I think in the junk wax error there were variations but it was mainly due to printing errors and then they corrected them and then people wanted the originals. These are purposeful variations. I don't personally go after all of them cause there's too many for myself to keep track of, but if I can trade or get a card super cheap sure why not!?

This is a Gypsy Queen picture variation!

Look Ryan Howard used to run!

Or maybe he's trotting in this picture. He did hit quite a few home runs in his career. This might be the last year of his career. He is making big money this year and next year has a 10 million buyout which the Phillies will most likely option to do. Lots of young talent coming up through the minors. I want to see him continue but part of me wants him to retire and have his entire career as a Phillies player. He won't be a Hall of Famer but he will definitely make the Phillies Hall of Fame, I'll have to get tickets to that game to see the ceremony!

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy Super Bowl!

The game is about to start. Hope your team wins! I personally do not care who wins the actual game. I have 300 dollars on my fantasy team. All I have is Greg Olsen, Graham Gano and Broncos Defense. He has Jon Stewart and Tedd Ginn Jr. Could go either way! I wouldn't be mad if Peyton wins then retires just like Elway did. Also, won't be mad if the Panthers win since they were the best team most of the year. Just hoping for a good game!

Also, spent a few hours today sifting through boxes finding Ryan Howard's. Getting closer to some real organization! I've been real lax on trading this year, I will try and get some scans up to entice you guys and gals to trade with me!

My Super Bowl Prediction is 23-20 Panthers. I think the Broncos keep it close but ultimately the Panthers prevail. Looks like nice weather out in Santa Clara.

Here is one of my better football cards..

One of the greatest!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

1993 Finest!!

Always excited to add a 1993 Finest refractor to the collection. As many of you know it was the first official year of refractor's in Topps Products. The estimated print run is 241 per. I would love to bust a box and pull one of the huge names but I don't think its worth the 350-400 dollar risk. I am going to go after the Phillies Team Set though!

None other then Dave Hollins!

He was known as being super intense on and off the field. All business all the time. He was great for the 1993 team. 104 runs, 18 home runs and 93 RBI's. Solid season!

Happy Groundhog Day!

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