Monday, April 26, 2021

The hunt continues!

I have made significant progress on my hunt for 2000 Upper Deck Ionix Master Set. Some cards have yet to pop up or I have yet to find them but I've found a few rare ones. The Warp Zone set which is super difficult to put together. I am down to 3 needed! Honestly, didn't think I would get that far. I even have 1 double! (not on purpose I actually pulled it from a pack!)  

These are the three I need:

Warp Zone: WZ4 Nomar, WZ6 I Rodriguez, WZ15 McGwire

This Griffey isn't super rare. It's pretty abundant online but I now have 2! It's still cool looking. I only need the Griffey Pyrotechnics to complete that insert set (I've seen 2 but I missed out on both unfortunately) 

The BIG card I need to find is the Griffey auto! Totally willing to overpay or offer way too much to get it. I've only ever seen a picture of it so I know it exists but I've yet to find it for sale or anywhere else for that matter. 

Thanks for reading and helping if you have any lines on the last remaining cards! 

Sunday, April 11, 2021

2020 Topps Update!

 I hardly opened any wax last year. I probably won't open much this year. I believe my only box last year was Ginter X (did quite well was happy with it, hit a Griffey Red mini and a non-sport auto numbered out of 5) I've been selectively picking up some Ryan Howard parallels. I really like the look of these 2. 

The top one is numbered out of 76 independence day parallel. For bigger name guys and rookies these parallels have been really popular. They seem to sell well. The bottom one is the Rainbow foil, much more common but none the less very pleasing card to the eye. 

I just finished watching the Phillies Braves game. I am a definite homer when it comes to the Phillies but Bohm was out, that being said he was called safe, so I'll take it! Acuna is a beast. That is all. 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 5, 2021

A couple of Rhys!

I've slowed down my buying some of Rhys. I have a decent little collection but I hope he really hits this year. I don't want to see him go the way of Maikel Franco (barely hanging around the majors). I picked these up for cheap but they are still nice cards. 

The top card is the color swap variation. Notice the white letters. The 2nd card is the green parallel from the silver packs. These are really nice cards in person. I have the green and the gold of Hoskins from 2018. They display real nice with all the shininess. 

Really great pitching start for the Phillies. I wasn't expecting them to hold a good Braves team down to 3 runs over 3 games. I know that's not realistic going forward but really solid start to the season. Let's keep it going!

Thanks for reading!