Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A BIG 'wood' mini!!

This is one of the big little cards I was talking about in my previous post. A friend on the blowout boards who knows I collect Ryan Howard shot me a message and asked if I was interested. He wasn't 100% on selling but asked approximate value I would give it. I gave my opinion he gave his and he said he was willing to wait for his price (not much higher then mine) I said in so many words no worries I'll take it! Shrewd negotiation I know. It's one of a kind and I wasn't going to let a different Ryan Howard collector take it. Looks nice in the case!

Graded PSA 10, from the World Series year. It's a super sharp looking card. Numbered 1/1 on the back in blue ink. Since they did those by hand back then for a number of years. Sometimes even forgetting to number them, in this case that was not forgotten.

I recently started inventorying my collection. I have 55 Ryan Howard autographs on cards and 96 relics. I'm still working on the numbered cards and cards of note, so far up to 191. I know I have a few more to list. I'm skipping regular base cards and some random inserts. I am including rookies and things like that.

I plan on doing the same for my Phillies collection, my HOF rookie collection and then my miscellaneous stuff. It will be nice to have it all in one place and easy to add/subtract too. I realized memorizing the whole collection is hard, I got most of it down but I do occasionally forget I have something and buy it again. Sometimes I buy stuff again because I like the card, but hey that's just me.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

2020 Topps Opening Day!

A good Samaritan on blowout cards was kind enough to send me these team set for free! I generally don't open packs of opening day so I was happy to knock the Phillies off the ole want list.

A pretty nice collection of pictures. All action shots. Have some scans to do tomorrow, pretty psyched about the 2 cards I received this week.

Always happy to check off a team set in one fell swoop!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 19, 2020

A Trio of Hoskins!

I did not receive all of these cards recently but I am looking to keep up this 'set' going forward as long as the cards are made. I like the look of the cards and the fact the autos are on-card make it appealing as well.

Picked up this one recently:

2020 Topps Heritage blue auto. If you saw my earlier posts we opened 2 boxes this year and did quite well. 2 Autos and 2 Relics (1 of the relics being Hoskins!) so I have zero complaints about Heritage. Even though we didn't see the autos until the base cards were being sorted. Better to be lucky then good!

This card goes well with it's previous year brethren:

2019 Topps Heritage blue auto.

And last but not least the rookie auto.

For a brief minute I considered doing this in the red ink and then I looked at the rookie prices and thought blue ink works. I now am up to 9 Hoskins autos! Pretty good!

Thanks for reading, Phillies still undefeated!

Friday, April 17, 2020

Shiny Hoskins!

I recently grabbed this nice Hoskins card for not too much money. Like everyone else in the baseball card world I like shiny baseball cards. I believe there is 70 of these but they are not officially stamped by Topps. Still nice though.

I still hold out hope that baseball will happen in the near future. I also have a ticket to the National and that still has a small chance of happening. Still staying active on the collecting front and trying to add some cool pieces. I have one big Ryan Howard one coming in that I purchased tonight and I'm pretty psyched about it. Hopefully will be here next week sometime!

Go Phillies, undefeated!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Silky smooth!

I found this card on ebay a few weeks ago. I always liked this parallel. I know its not super popular but I think the card looks really nice in person and I like the little window Topps built in so you can touch the card if you so desire.

Ryan Howard silk collection from 2012 Series 1. A nice picture of Ryan presumable hitting a HR. 

To get my sports fix in this sportsless time I've been doing 2 things besides blogging. I've been watching full games of older games on youtube. Tons to choose from can't go wrong with them and I joined a Dynasty Fantasy Football League with a friend of mine. The draft will probably take a few weeks and goes 30 rounds so it'll get down to some obscure players. Should be fun! 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 6, 2020

Some more Rhys!

I've been slowly adding to the Rhys Hoskins collection. Been pretty selective and looking for solid deals. I recently was able to add this nice card to the collection.

This is the color swap variation (notice the Phillies is white). They don't come up too often and I was able to snag it for about 20 bucks which I'm good with.

Here's the regular action variation for comparison.

Have one more Rhys coming in that I purchased the other day will be sure to scan it when I get it! Hope everyone is doing well! I'm thankful everyday that I do not have neighbors above me (no longer live in an apartment)

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 3, 2020

A double dose of Triple!

I know the title is my sort of non sequitur. I do miss the comics on Sunday afternoon. Remember when the Sunday paper was thicker and it would have the cool color comics. I haven't gotten the paper in years but those were always (usually) fun to read.

I recently added to my Ryan Howard Triple Threads collection. Some of the patches and relics in these sets are pretty nice. These are low numbered but not necessarily super colorful. Some other years they made the low number ones really pop.

These came in a 'set' on ebay. Numbered 1 of 3 and 3 of 3! One day I will find the 2 of 3. I have a few 2 out of 3 now for the Sapphire parallel in Triple Threads. That third one has been elusive. Probably sitting in some rec room somewhere waiting to be discovered or still in a sealed box!

I took the day off today so I'm trying to be productive around the house. Posting on the blog counts as being productive since my Wife is an avid reader! Hi Wife!

Thanks for reading!