Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Mini Auto!

Officially almost 2 weeks of home ownership. Definitely more work then an apartment but a lot more space. The card room has been painted, just doing the baseboards now. Hopefully be all set up in there before New Year's. Still need to learn the back roads around here but that will come with time. As my grandma likes to say 'Can't get lost in America'.

I was able to pick this card up for under 5 dollars shipped. It ended at like 3 AM eastern time and no one sniped it. I was more then happy to grab it considering I have never opened the Topps Mini product.

It's a sticker auto, as the majority of Howard autos are, but none the less happy to add it to the PC. Hope everyone enjoyed Christmas time and spent some quality time with the people that you care about.

Also, just finished watching Season 1 of Jessica Jones. I like the whole superhero thing so I enjoyed it. It kept my interest the whole time.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cards from Brandon!!

My address works! I have traded with reader Brandon a few times in the past and he decided he wanted to send some things my way after my giveaway (returns not required but always appreciated). Whenever I get something interesting basketball hes the person to talk too.

My cards are still packed away but we are almost to the point that we can setup the card room. My wife and I (mostly her) painted the card room in Phillies Red and Blue. It looks awesome in my opinion. I'll be sure to share once its completely done. It's a large-ish room so there will be plenty of space for displays and picture hanging etc. Also, space to really organize the Phillies collection and spread out a bit. Things I really couldn't do in the apartment since we only had the one spare room.

Here's some of the cards..

I'll never say no to Frank Thomas cards. One of my PC's that I thoroughly enjoy. I can't afford some of the high end stuff he has but I enjoy all those 90s cards just the same. (That being said if someone wants to trade/sell me a Frank Thomas NNOF I will make a real strong offer). 
This card did not scan as well as it looks. Its acetate and has a real cool design. The player is Arnett Moultrie, unfortunately his career hasn't taken off stateside. He was the 27th overall pick and is now playing in Lebanon. Who knows, maybe he will make is way back to the NBA, happens all the time.

Thanks for the cards Brandon!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Moved in!!

After two rather long days of driving back and forth and loading and unloading. We are officially in the new house. Internet was hooked up a few short hours ago and seems to be running smoothly. I cut the cable TV completely and decided to stream everything to save money. (Dropped my bill from 190 a month to about 55-60 a month!) I hope it goes well but if we ever miss certain TV we can just buy it again, no big deal.

The cards weighed about 6 million pounds. I was able to move them all thankfully. Thanks to you guys and gals for making it a bit lighter as well!

For everyone that e-mailed me requesting my new address, I will respond with it since I am now here. If you did want it and either don't get a response from me cause my email is unorganized or you just want it to update your info, no problem just leave a comment and I'll respond.

Also.. Gary Carter!

I had pulled a Gary Carter auto from 2012 Panini Cooperstown. A Gary Carter collector messaged me and offered me this way nicer Gary Carter auto for that one. Guess he was filling a hole in the PC, so no problem swapping some GC auto's! I'm not a huge Mets fan obviously but I do like logos more then non logos.

I am hoping to get the card room up and running in the next week or two. We plan on painting it Phillies colors first so once thats done we can re-setup the displays (and won't be so crammed anymore!)

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 13, 2015


I have personally never pulled a superfractor out of a pack (I would like to that'd be cool). I've hit some nice things that I've shared previously (most recently the Mike Trout wood mini 1/1) (still have it btw, might sell or trade later who knows?!)

I recently completed my 2nd trade on blowout cards. There's an Ichiro collector who inquired about the 2012 Topps Chrome variation. The variations that year were one every 900 packs or so. I happened to hit the Ichiro in my case and has it stashed away in my PC. He was willing to dip into his PC to make this a really good trade for both of us! He got the rare Ichiro and I got my 4th Ryan Howard superfractor!

2007 Topps Finest Moments! It was already graded, doesn't personally make a difference to me,but I don't mind it being heavily protected. Sure it is a sticker auto but it's not a card that would've popped up anytime soon. Very happy to add it to the Ryan Howard collection. Once the move is set one of the goals is to actually organize the Howard collection and get a real want list. So many people have sent me Howard's so I really have no idea what I'm missing. 

Thanks for the trade and Thanks for reading!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Got some cards recently!

The big move is on Monday/Tuesday! Most of the cards are packed up along with other less important things like clothes and pots. Priorities of course!

I received a trade from Plaschke Thy Sweater is Argyle! We've swapped Dodgers/Phillies a few times. This trade was a while in the making but we eventually got it done.

I did scan the autograph he sent over!

A really nice looking inception auto. These cards are cool, always like getting them in a trade. I've never busted a box of them. Biddle might have a shot at being a regular.  He has the tools just has to get it mentally together. He could be part of the new rotation featuring Aaron Nola and Mark Appel!

Lots of high picks in there!

Thanks for reading! The big card I was waiting for just arrived!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Welcome to December!

I know I'm about six days late on this post, but that's ok it's still December. Thanks for all the kind words on the giveaway, glad everyone enjoyed the cards!

The winter moves are heating up. How about Greinke, biggest average annual contract for any player! I know the DBack lineup last year was pretty solid, so who knows, getting an ace may put them in the race this year. I see Iwakuma just signed with the Dodgers. I think that's a good move, he was hurt last year for Seattle but he has been very solid in the past. He will fit in sliding behind Kershaw in the order. The Phillies have done more or less nothing. They may have 4 starting pitchers that either are rookies or 2nd year guys. I have faith in Nola and Eichel but beyond that it may get pretty ugly. Tickets should be cheap by May!

I'm behind on scanning but my big move is about a week away. Lots to do before that! Very exciting! If any of you have bought a house before, you understand the journey it can be. This one has been but I have a real good feeling about moving into this place and staying there for a long time. Most importantly.. already purchased a ping pong table for the basement!

I do have one big card coming in this week. I got the tracking number so just waiting for USPS to get it here. I will share that one! Pretty excited for it. (ooo foreshadowing)

Hope all is well!

Happy Hanukah!

Thanks for reading!

One of my favorite vintage cards!