Friday, August 28, 2015

1989 Donruss Break -- a trio!

At the last card show we attended I picked up a very cheap box of 1989 Donruss (it was a throw in with the 1995 Topps box since I expressed interest). I was figuring I'd get like 50 Griffey's with the great collation back then. That didn't happen but I did get three of these..

Yes that is three Biggio rookie cards! I am rich! I triple my investment I think! Never a bad day when that happens.

If anyone needs any 1989 Donruss let me know and you can have it!

On another note, drafted my first fantasy team, will post after the weekend! Pretty psyched for football season and have 3 more drafts!

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Quick Post, random thoughts

Been meaning to post earlier but got busy. I went to a party on Saturday and played the drinking game slip n slide flip cup. Needless to say I am quite sore and have a couple of bruises... all worth it though.

I'm still watching baseball every chance I get even though the Phillies are terrible. I never was big on researching before the draft but if the Phillies are in the top five maybe I'll take a look.

Fantasy Football Draft Season is upon us. I'm in my usual 4 leagues. I have 3 snake drafts and one auction draft. I am pick 3 of 10 and pick 10 of 12. The other one I won't find out until 30 minutes before the draft starts. Already 2 top WR's went down with torn knees (Jordy Nelson and Kelvin Benjamin) Injuries are the worst part of football.

I haven't gotten my hands on any of 2015 Topps Chrome yet but I will eventually. I would like to grab the Ryan Howard rainbow if possible. It's always a hunt for that superfractor though!

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and here's a random baseball pic!

This is my only auto of Bobby Doerr and my only button card. Pretty sweet!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Chrome is almost officially out!

Most every year Topps Chrome is my personal favorite release of the year. Every year since 2011 I have cracked one case (and blogged about the contents). Cracking the case in 2011 is what got me back into the hobby. I went a little crazy buying in the beginning but I've narrowed my focus and still quite enjoy the whole thing. I don't have a case locked in currently on pre sale so I am hoping the price drops a bit off the bat and I can get a better deal. It might be a few months but we shall see!

I've gotten a few good pulls from the cases through the years. Pulled my first printing plate in 2011 (Adam Dunn Heritage chrome insert), Bryce Harper black rookie auto, Yasiel Puig red auto (traded for a MJ Rookie card!) and a few other notable cards.

Hope everyone enjoys the Chrome box breaking. I'll be watching to see what comes out and hopefully be joining soon!

Really like the patch auto's from last year!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Currently watching Dodgers vs Nationals!

I am not in the Phillies local market so I don't get their games on TV, but I do get the Nationals local and Baltimore local teams. I drafted Manny Machado and Bryce Harper on fantasy for that reason alone (that's my good team!). The sideline announcer for the Nationals local broadcast I've known since I was a kid. We went to the same overnight camp together for several years. He was always a baseball fanatic and now hes living it. Pretty awesome

But the matchup tonight is good, this guy...

Versus this guy...

Always love a good baseball matchup!

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Ginter question among other things

Sorry for the lack of frequency of posts. I do have things I need to scan although my trading overall has fallen off a bit this year. I just haven't bought the new cards as much but I am still very interested in collecting and keeping it going. They're just expensive and I can't afford it all! Gotta pick and choose whats important. I like chasing the rare singles and spending the money that way as opposed to throwing it a few boxes and hoping for the best. I still do want to open a case this year (to completely contradict what I just said) but its not in the budget for August. Maybe Chrome won't do so hot out of the gate and drop in price (like last year). We shall see!

I am signed up for gint-a-cuffs. Had a question, where is everyone buying their boxes from? Anywhere have the best price on the net? Just getting a gauge for it all.

The Frank Thomas NNOF (my current holy grail) has popped up on ebay. Its at 1,125 with 6 days left. It is a PSA 8. (not that I personally care) I just want one! I've only ever seen one in person. It was kinda (very) out of my budget but I should've just pulled the trigger. I've seen more 1952 Mantles in person then this card! Even seen that odd George Bush 1990 Topps card a few times as well (don't really want that one).

I did bust a very cheap box the other day (1989 Donruss) I'll be sure to show the glory of that break next!

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Obligatory picture!

These were my box toppers the last 2 years for Gint a Cuffs. We shall see whats in store for this year!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fantasy Post

I don't often talk about my fantasy baseball teams beyond the draft. I thought I was going to be competitive in both leagues based on that.. things don't always work out though.

The tale of two teams:

The Good:

Head to head league (12 Teams).. Currently 2nd record 100-60-16

Big time players.. Lorenzo Cain (Free Agent pickup), Mike Trout (1st Round), Bryce Harper (2nd Round), Kris Bryant (7th Round), Manny Machado (10th round), and my favorite pick Carlos Martinez in the final round (20th)

This league is interesting because there is a cap on moves at 40. I am currently sitting at 30 so I can't really stream pitchers the way I'd prefer too. The stats categories are all the normal ones, nothing crazy. The only difference is no Avg just OBP.

I am hoping to make a run at the end in the playoffs and win it. I think I have the horses on the batting side to do it and if I can get Strasburg back and Kluber pitches a bit better I can hold my own on the pitching side.

The Bad:

Rotisserie League (13 Teams).. Currently Last (been last for over 2 months now.. ugh)

This was a keeper league with 4 potential keepers and they become your first 4 picks. I kept Robinson Cano, Adrian Beltre, Jose Fernandez and Michael Brantley... Oops. I've since traded Cano, Beltre and Brantley.

I am currently considering trading Jofer away for Arenado (my friend said he'd consider it) so I'm open to opinions on that. Currently my keepers for next year are Anthony Rendon, Hanley Ramirez, Johnny Cueto and Jose Fernandez. I was going to forego keepers to draft someone but the amount of movement in this league has been crazy. All the first round talent guys are going to be kept.

What do you guys/gals think of that potential trade?

Definitely a tale of two seasons for my fantasy teams!

A not fantasy card... (I own it!)

In honor of the Ryan vs Ventura fight all those years ago (just watched it on you tube a couple hours ago)

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