Friday, May 24, 2019

Quick Post!

Was busier then anticipated this week. Hopefully some things slow down with the upcoming holiday weekend. Just wanted to share this card that I've had in my scanned folder for a while.

2007 Topps Black Ryan Howard, Adam Dunn and Carlos Delgado. The who's who of Home Run hitters that year. I still think Delgado should get more consideration for the Hall of Fame. He was fun to watch. Dunn was your classic 3 outcome hitter. Howard of course was the greatest player of all time (there is no bias in that statement).

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Bowman's Best!

Bowman's Best has been around a while. It is usually a nice looking set just doesn't have the crazy re-sale value that regular Bowman has. Anyone else see that Wander Franco red auto go for 22,500? He basically needs to be Mike Trout to make money on that right? If only I hit the powerball, I probably still wouldn't buy that but I would get other cool stuff.

Unrelated note, played my first volleyball match tonight. We won all 3 games, solid first showing. It was fun, I like volleyball.

Onto more card related pickups. This card rarely comes up on ebay and I probably overpaid but I don't care, might be years before I see another one.

I like the Phillies logo on the relic, but what makes this card rare is that this is a blue variation. For this set there was base blue and red. The Blue variations fell roughly 1 in every 22 boxes, the red's were twice as rare. I now have 1 of each!

I know I teased a big trade, but I haven't had time to scan this week. I will do it soon though!

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Some Heritage cards!

The wife picked up some heritage packs from one of those box things. It was a fun break but got nothing crazy. Can't win them all. Did get a little lucky and hit a couple PC cards.

The Cesar is the Chrome out of 999. Shiny cards, although they basically curled directly out of the pack. Hopefully the top loader straightens them out. The other 2 Chrome cards were both Zach Wheeler. The one out of 999 and the one out of 568 (I could be wrong about that number card is currently upstairs). It was nice to hit the lower parallel.

The Rhys Hoskins is the action variation. I was quite happy to hit that card since I was probably going to buy it anyway. I have both action variations now.

Excuse the Guinea Pig hair, I scanned that a while ago. He will hopefully have a bunch more action variations in each subsequent year. It will be cool to put a nice looking 'set' together.

Teaser for next post, I made a 'high-end' trade and ended up with a pretty nice card!

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Red white and BLUE!

Notice that I capitalized the word blue in my subject line. The reason being this card is Blue but also Red and White! But mainly Blue.Without further adieu I present a pretty nice Topps Chrome Blue refractor.

Excuse my scanner picking up all the dust on it. Too lazy to re-scan. Regardless look at that sweet swing. Hoskins is offically on all 3 of my fantasy teams. I had him in my keeper and drafted him in the 3rd in one draft. Stupidly I passed on him in my last draft so I remedied that by trading Justin Verlander for him a couple days ago. All is right in the world now that I can cheer for him and everything he does helps on multiple levels. Also he has a cool dog named Rookie on instagram.

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Monday, May 6, 2019

Harper's First Phillies card!

Those sneaky people at Topps snuck in an unannounced short print into 2019 Bowman. When I first saw the Harper card I of course had to get one. I don't count the Topps Now card as his first Phillies card because it's not pack issued. To me, this is the first officially released Harper Phillies card. I know hes in a bit of a slump right now but he'll break out and even with him in a slump the team is playing ok. I've been to 3 games so far this year and am planning on 1 more this month and a few more beyond that. The stadium is crowded and fun to attend again. For the record I still attended when barely anyone showed up but it wasn't as exciting.

It doesn't hurt that the picture on this card is a nice shot. Solid hitting pose ready to blast the ball into the stands (or swing really hard and miss haha)

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

2 Hanger Heritage high box break (massive hit alert!)

I had a Modell's gift card for 50 dollars that I had won at Fantasy Fest last year. I drunkenly threw a nerf football into a trash can and whoever sponsored that booth (pretty sure it was a car dealership) gave me a gift card. Fantasy Fest is an event thats happened the last few years towards the end of summer held down  by the stadiums at Xfinity live and they have different activities and sports people show up. It's pretty cool (and free!). For those that don't know Modell's is just a local sporting goods store. I went to one on my lunch break cause I wanted to buy a volleyball for the upcoming season. (I am captain of my team, we should be decent this year) Anyway, at Modell's near the checkout they had 2 Heritage High hanger boxes so I grabbed those and a bunch of hockey cards. I left those. Grabbed one other thing which I will show later.

I opened the first box and got nothing crazy but as I was free rolling due to my exceptional Nerf skills I was not upset.

The Miggy was the big hit in the first box. I do like the decal edges though. I now have that one and the Ohtani rookie. Gotta give Greg Holland a shout out. He had some major arm issues and seems to have gotten right this year and has had a really great start this year with Arizona.

Here is the big hit in the 2nd one. I gotta admit I saw the redemption blue and got a little excited. I was hoping for a big big name but it's cool pretty happy to hit a rare card.

Met starting shortstop Amed Rosario Auto Relic (from what I understand these are numbered out of 25) The odds on the box say 1:6,763 boxes!! Craziness! Couldn't believe a random hanger in a sporting goods store had such a rare card in it. I haven't redeemed it yet since it isn't a Phillies player so is there is a Met fan out there that wants to trade or buy I will be open to it.

Thanks for reading! What's your best retail hit? I think this is mine. I've hit some big hobby cards but usually not anything this rare out of retail. I did hit a numbered Austin hays auto from Topps Chrome which is nice but not nearly as rare as this.