Monday, July 29, 2013

A sweet gift from a sweet Girlfriend!

My girlfriend recently went shopping at Target to buy some odds and ends... and Lo and Behold she came home with a blaster! It's awesome to have a girlfriend that appreciates the thrill of pack ripping!

Check out some of the booty!

The one per box Manu Relic thing was nice. Can't go wrong with Clemente. That being said I will trade this one for one for the Ryan Howard or Mike Schmidt (already have the Frank Thomas). 

I'm a big fan of the diecuts this year. I think they look really nice. Not really interested in going after the other insert sets but I am most likely hanging onto the diecuts. I like the chrome ones from last year too. 

I also highlighted the best in my opinion Red Parallels from the blaster. If anyone needs em I can trade them for red Phillies preferably.

Thanks honey for the gift and Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Trade with Kyle!

I recently completed a trade with Kyle of Nolan's Dugout! He took a bunch of my trade bait and sent a whole bunch of nice stuff back. Always appreciate someone who looks at my want list and has some of those random sets I'm trying to complete. He successfully completed my 1999 Topps series 2 set and took a nice large chunk out of my 1993 Score Select set!

Those 2 beautiful prospects cards complete the set and if anyone was insisting on seeing a nostalgic look at 1993 Select there is it!

But that wasn't all he sent! No no no no no! He sent me EIGHT count em  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8! Phillies Relics that I did not have! Always nice to have PC items to immediately add (I do have some non Phillies PC stuff but sometimes I go back and forth on keeping) Regardless it was a fun package to open! Can't wait til the next deal!

Thanks for the trade!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Trade with Potch!

I am liking the success of these trade bait posts. After that one post I have successfully agreed to FIVE trades! Thanks to all you traders out there that keep this hobby fun!

One of these awesome trades was with Potch! He is a Reds collector so thankfully I had some decent Reds to send him. He did not disappoint with a return package. I had to split up the scanning into categories.

The first part consists of a few famous Phils. I always enjoy a 1985 Schmidt (my birth year!). I have yet to decide if I'm going to hand collate the set. I have a stack of 1985 cards currently unordered (probably 500 short from the set) I know I have the Puckett but I don't have the Clemens or McGwire. The Utley in the middle is a nice numbered refractor from 2011 Chrome. I really like the Chrome sets every year, fun to open and collect! 

Holy 1984! This wasn't even all of the 84s that were in the package. This definitely made a massive dent in that list! Some sweet cards of Lefty in that bunch! 

My Big Hurt collection continues to grow! These were just the 9 of the 17 or so that I decided to scan. Always appreciate the nice shiny base cards from the 90s. Can't get enough of them!

Here is the hit portion of the trade! Also a card from 1968! I believe my 3rd card I own from that year (the other 2 are monsters though Nolan Ryan RC and Mickey Mantle). The Austin Hyatt is a shiny purple refractor. Another Big Hurt and a couple of White Sox hits. The Autos are of classic players Bud Harrelson and Jim Longborg! All new cards to add to the PC!

Thanks for the trade!

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Ryan Howard Rookie Auto!

Since Ryan Howard is currently ailing with a torn meniscus (ouch). I will show off my rookie autograph that I recently picked up of his (if there ever was a poor segue-way that was it!) I wasn't in the hobby at that time so I was happy to be able to track this card down at a reasonable price.

Looks like the Dodgers are heating up lately. The Phillies got dominated by Matt Harvey the other night (that kid is impressive). I hope the Phillies can hold their heads above water against the potent Tigers and Cardinals lineup. The bullpen is scary bad at this point in time. If they get a lead I have almost no confidence they will hold it. On a happy note Eagles training camp started today!

I kind of like how the shininess scans in a rainbow formation.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Team Set Completed

I recently completed the Phillies Five Star Team set! I was able to pick up the last 3 cards in one auction at a reasonable price (yay not paying shipping 3 times). I already had the Schmidt so it was nice to pick up the 3 aces!

A couple years ago they had maybe the greatest pitching rotation of all time. Check out the numbers it is impressive. It ranks right up there with the 90s Braves and those old Dodgers teams. It's a shame due to injury and other factors they haven't had a longer run together. Halladay is most likely done (although I would love for him to come back and lift the team and see them make the post season)  Lee and Hamels should be together at least for 2 more years unless the Phils get antsy and trade Lee for a bevy of prospects.

Thanks for reading!

I am still attempting to put all of my Team Sets together and get a comprehensive list. It seems daunting to look at several thousand cards on the desk and try to put em all together again (humpty dumpty!)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tribute Patch !

Just a quick all star post! I recently picked up this nice Topps Tribute Patch of Mr Cliff Lee! I hope he continues his winning ways in a Phillies uniform. But if the Phillies decide to unload and get young they better get 3-4 top prospects for this guy. 

Thanks to all who contacted me about trades. I'm working on getting the packages together this week! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Last chance Trade Bait (claim in email or comments if you are interested)

As I mentioned in my previous post. I am just looking to make some deals and if not I will just sell these individually on ebay. I know a couple of them I can get a few bucks for but if you would rather trade I am more then open to make a deal.

I will be either looking for Phillies Relic/autos. Numbered or rare Ryan Howard or Frank Thomas cards. Vintage Phillies (I have a want list up for the 50s but I have very little 70s and almost no 1960's Phillies) Also if you have trade bait I'd even be willing to swap for a cool card. 

In No Particular order:
Any tape marks you see are strictly from the top loaders. My scanner picks up everything.

Aroldis Chapman 2012 Ginter Auto

Bob Knight 2012 Ginter 3 Color Relic

Carlton Fisk 2012 Topps Series 1 Manu Patch

CJ Wilson 2012 Topps Five Star /150

Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell Dual Bat Relic

Dizzy Dean 2010 Topps Update All Star Manu Patch

George Foster 2012 Topps Five Star Gold auto /5

Johnny Bench MLB Logoman /50

Reggie Jackson 2012 Topps Series 1 Manu Patch

Dominic Ficociello/Nolan Fontana Dual auto /99
If nothing suits you, please check out my trade bait that I have sorted by team! If you want to see any scans just drop me a note and I will either e-mail it or post it on the blog. Limited time offer on the above cards. If nothing is claimed by Thursday night then they are hitting the bay!

Thanks for checking the cards out and hope we can make a deal!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Trade with Mr. Doon!

I recently completed a quick and easy trade with Napkin Doon! He was showing off some Cleve's auction winnings and the Phillies caught my eye. I sent him some shiny rangers and he hooked me up with some vintage goodness!

Of all of these 1958 Topps cards, I needed TWELVE of them! This trade took a huge chunk off of that Phillies team set. Greatly appreciated to be able to trade for them as opposed to purchasing. I like the different colored backgrounds. It's like Topps forgot that there are stadiums and cool things to put in backgrounds of cards. 

Yes, I scanned 2 cards upside down. Either way Jack Myer is obviously enjoying the view. 

Mr. Doon was kind enough to include 2 Junk Wax era packs. I considered leaving them sealed for a long time just to annoy my girlfriend. But cooler heads prevailed and we decided to have a mini pack ripping party (pinata not included). Did pretty well. Some big names on this list. Can't complain about a few hall of famers and a couple steroid era mashers.

I have a few semi decent cards I am looking to trade or sell. I will post them all tomorrow during the day and if no one claims what they want I will be posting them on ebay on Thursday night. Just looking to move some cards for new cards. 

Thanks for the trade and Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quick Trade and a Sweet Howard!

I recently completed another trade with All The Way to the backstop! I have a tendency to claim a card that I like that he posts.. and boom its in my mailbox. Completely awesome! I sent some cards back of course that I think he will like.

This Terry Mulholland is special because its from the rare Desert Shield set. This is the first card I've ever received from that set! On my way to getting all the Phillies! 

 The Gold Winners card is pretty sweet. I love these 1992 Topps gold cards. Such a chase card in 1992! Look at Ben Revere looking down at us mere mortals.. He has been one of the hottest hitters in baseball for the last few weeks! A shiny Brad Lidge is always cool. Always will get a beer on me based on his 2008 run that was simply perfection!

This Ryan Howard is the Purple Ice version numbered out of 10! I have the Red and Purple now! I have designs to at least get the Silver ice. I'm not really going for the rainbow but I couldn't pass up the card for the nice price. Hopefully the torn meniscus in Howard's knee heals really well and he regains some of his power stroke. I'm still holding out hope the Phillies can get back in the race this year.

Thanks for trading and Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Trade with Mr. Owl!

In honor of trade week over at Night Owl! I will post the trade that we just recently completed. I posted a whole bunch of trade bait, he claimed a Dodger.. I sent that dodger and a bunch of other stuff. As usual he comes back with some nice surprises.

Now this card is special cause its more like a 5 by 7.. Never knew these existed!

I just scanned a few of my favorites. The 1975 card is greatly appreciated (eventually we'll trade enough times that you will single-handedly complete my 75 Phillies Team set). I really like the Upper Deck Masterpieces. These are quite nice looking in person. Shiny Phillies are good too!

Also, just watched John Lannan pitch 8 scoreless innings! John LANNAN! Didn't know it was possible! Go Phils!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Trade with Scott!

I recently completed my first trade with Mr Baseball Scott! He is a David Ortiz fan and I happened to have a couple nice ones. We exchanged a few emails and quickly came to an agreement. The cards arrived a little while ago but I obviously slowed some the last few weeks on posting. I promise I will get back on track! I haven't bought much new product, partially to cut spending and partially cause it hasn't excited me. I am always on the lookout for high end Ryan Howard and Phillies cards but as far as purchasing packs I am waiting for Topps Chrome. September 18th I plan on partially live blogging my case! Can't Wait!

Back to this trade! Check out the shininess of this card! It's not a Phillie but I have no complaint of a sweet Johnny Bench relic from Topps Tribute!
I've never bought a Tribute pack so I'm quite pleased to add this low numbered card to the PC. I would have to be offered quite a nice card to part with it. I like the old timey look of the relic swatches. 

 This next card is quite obvious why I wanted it. Two mainstays through the Phillies glory years. I know a bunch of trades are going to happen soon but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
A little red border action shot. Topps archives base card. The Robin Roberts is the black version (hard to tell right..) I'm surprised how much I like these mini cards. I'm usually not a huge mini guy but in this case I can go for these black versions.

As usual, if you want to trade check out my trade bait (its mostly up to date may have a few cards that just aren't listed) I also have a ton of base and inserts of most teams that I can trade.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Little bit of Color!

I haven't posted for a few days because I was down the shore! I had an amazing time at my best friend's wedding and all went really well (even the weather held out!) Glad to be back in my own place but not so glad to have to work tomorrow but thats ok. I recently picked up a few random low numbered Ryan Howard cards.

A little bit of Orange. This is numbered out of 25. I like the photo and I think he looks safe to me!

This is the Sapphire version also numbered out of 25. I'm pretty sure I snagged both of these cards for less then 10 dollars total, which I'm happy with. The oranges are tough pulls in Bowman Chrome. 

I am still in the process of sorting my Phillies cards. I've also debated pulling all the Ryan Howards for a player collection (at this point I know I have quite a few). 

Thanks for reading! 3 Months til Topps Chrome!