Friday, May 31, 2013

Trade with Noooooooooomo!

I recently completed my third? I think it's the third trade, anyways we did a trade! Check out his awesome blog.. Nomo! I sent him some stuff I think he would like and he sent me stuff that I do like! It was one of those hey want to trade kind of trades that are fun to do.

Check em out!

Some good stuff above! Baseball Heroes Chase, Howard and J Roll! I really like the World Series Cards. Gotta cheer for a guy like Chris Coste who made the majors past the age of 30 and is able to get a ring. That's perseverance.  A shiny Howard in the middle. And as all of us collectors of anything out there know... Shiny = good.

A vintage Lefty! And an auto of Ken Howell! Never thought I would ever own a auto of Ken Howell but I am delighted that I do!

 The hottest bat in the league Dom Brown (FIVE home runs this week!) who knew he had that in him! Two cards of the forgotten rookie Darin Ruf. It's odd he killed it last year in September and now he can't even get a call up. They called up Michael Martinez instead of him.. I don't get it. If you can't hit, bring up a hitter! I like Gavin Floyd's hair, wishing him well on his elbow recovery. I always wish he panned out in Philly and I do cheer for him to do well on the White Sox.

Thanks for the trade and Thanks for reading!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A True One of One That's Patchtastic #3

Just a quick one tonight. I received another sweet 1 of 1 for my growing Ryan Howard Collection. Love the patches they used on the Triple Threads cards!

Check it out!
I tried for another Ruby Parallel patch card but someone sniped me at the end (and paid more then 20 dollars more for that one then this one)! It displays well and I like it.. 2 things that are great about collecting, looking at cool cards and liking them!

Anyway, if you wanna trade look at the previous post or my trade bait! And thanks to the people who already responded!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Massive Trade Bait Post.. Lets make a deal!

I received these cards all at once in one of those random lots. Nothing was listed so I had no idea what I was getting. Some good stuff some meh. So lets trade!

I am looking for Phillies cards numbered, relics, autos. Ryan Howards move to the front of the line. Frank Thomas's well. I always like Vintage Phillies. If you have any of those random sets that I've had in my want list forever that would be cool too. Also if you have 2013 Bowman Silver ice, I'm kicking around the idea of going for that set (so shiny!).

Lets get to the cards that are up for trade!

Ivan Rodriguez Bat Relic 
Alex Rodriguez Game Face Gear jersey Relic
Jason Giambi Topps Gold Label bat relic
Chad Cordero Spx Relic 81/199
Shairon Martis Auto
Ron LeFlore Auto
Rikki Johnson Auto
Mickey Lolich Auto
Miguel Cabrera Ultimate Collection 194/450

 Logan Morrison Gold Refractor 49/50
Lou Piniella Jersey Relic
Cesar Valdez Auto
Doug Devore Auto
Scott Kazmir Jersey Relic
Delmon Young Bat Relic
Brian Stokes/Shawn Riggans Dual Auto
Joey Gathright Auto
Terrence Long Relic

Vida Blue Jersey Relic
Melvin Mora No numbered mini
Juan Aracena Auto
Manny Ramirez Tools of the trade 19/125
Jonathan Papelbon Relic
Jason Varitek/Tony Perez Dual Relic
Brandon Larson Relic 100/100
Mike Gulan Auto
Mike Vasquez Auto

 Bryan Anderson Gold Refractor 31/50
Chris Duncan Jersey Relic 
Brian Jordan Auto
Thomas Diamond RC
Alfonso Soriano Refractor
Alfonso Soriano Ballpark Collection 382/699
Alfonso Soriano SP Authentic 58/59
Alfonso Soriano Blue Refractor 238/500
Alfonso Soriano Gold Refractor 40/50

Felix Hernandez RC
Michael Pineda Orange I think 182/245
Rondell White Bat Relic
Chris Petit Shiny 87/99
Chris Petit Shiny 525/599
Chris Petit Regular
Francisco Rodriguez 14/450
Hunter Pence Jersey Relic
Brett Lawrie Diecut

 Felipe Lopez Jersey Relic
Jimmy Key Auto (looks real not certified though)
Roy Halladay Ultimate Collection 160/450
Vernon Wells Jersey Relic 
Raul Mondesi Passport Jersey relic 600/1200
Nick Neugebauer Acetate Auto
Gary Sheffield Future Watch Flashbacks 178/495
Ben Sheets Jersey Relic
Ubaldo Jimenez Leather Nameplate

 Clayton Kershaw Orange Refractor 34/99
Andre Ethier Jersey Relic 
Brent Hoard Auto
Denard Span Auto
Gary Sheffield Bat Relic
Bill Madlock Jersey Relic
Sammy Sosa rookie graded 10(if anyone has a Frank Thomas 1990 slabbed Lets trade!)

Elvin Soto USA Card
Abby Wambach Jersey Relic (she is quite the header!)
Javy Lopez Auto (includes COA)
Gavin Floyd Orange Refractor 17/25
Josh Hamilton Refractor
Paul Maholm Auto
Cleon Jones Auto
Mo Vaughn Bat Relic 32/100
Ike Davis Auto

Claim your card in the comments or drop me an email!

Thanks for checking the cards out!

Monday, May 27, 2013

An Awesome Bowman Pack!

I liked the look of this years Bowman and enjoyed opening the first blaster, so I bought 2 more from Target. I will say these have been pretty good. Got a Carlos Correa Purple refractor in one pack..

Then there was this pack.. all 3 in the same pack!

Three Blue Refractors in one pack, including an auto! If you can't read the foil board, Prince Fielder, Carson Kelly auto and Dilson Herrera! That's the first time I've ever had so many numbered cards in one pack! At first I thought I bought these from Wal Mart and they were just the Blue Parallels. I was pleasantly surprised when I was completely wrong!

Did everyone see that the release dates were pushed back on a bunch of products? Kinda bummed Chrome isn't coming out until late September. It's my favorite product to open every year, guess I will have to wait even longer then usual.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Greatest Set Accomplishment.. Finally!

I posted part of this a long time ago on this blog and never scanned or showed the rest.. so I present to all of you awesome readers out there my 2012 Topps Chrome Sepia Set! Maybe the only one in existence?! Who knows?! Its pretty though!

Missing 3 of the scans due to waiting forever for it to load, but they are scanned! Have a good day!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Trade and a PWE!

I recently completed a trade with Fantastic Catch! I saw he needed a Matt Adams auto and had a Ryan Howard relic.. so naturally we traded!

Check it out!
I like the cut out of the relic and the other 2 cards as throw in's are appreciated. I recently (as in today) started sorting my random piles of cards. The current method is sort everything into teams so it will make trading that much easier! I won't be breaking any sets but I have tons of chrome doubles from my cases and random stuff laying around that I will never complete (nor want to).

These next cards were from Underdog Card Collector! He got some Phillies cards thought of me and sent them over! We've traded a couple times and each time has been great. I have a few cards picked out to send back in the next week or so!

Thanks! I didn't buy a single pack of Heritage or Gypsy Queen and I'm pretty sure I have the team sets!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Bowman Break!

I recently went to the retail store to bust some random packs. Had no real agenda but it had been a while since I busted any packs. Picked up a blaster of 2013 bowman.. destroyed the odds!

A Gold and Purple refractor! The gold is numbered out of 50 and is a 1 in 600 pack retail pull! Not the best player in the world but hey I was happy to see the shiny! The Morneau is from 2008 UD Spectrum and the Lowell is from a 2008 Upper Deck Heroes pack. I like the color in that set too always seem to get something. I would consider buying a box of it just for the fun.

The one per pack golds are ok. I would trade any of these for the Phillies ones if anyone has them. A good mix of teams at least. Jeter looks angry!

The flag card is pretty cool. Only hit one Philly of bowman chrome prospects (I think there are 2) so actually 8 packs one Phillies player YES! The card on the top left is a mini refractor. Not sure how I feel about mini's in bowman, I feel like those are reserved for GQ and A&G.

Thanks for reading and if you want to trade leave a note!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Monster from the 90s!

I recently picked up a white whale of sorts. As a kid I always wanted one of these cards that were way way out of my price range. I couldn't even afford a pack back in the day. (Now I just think the packs are overpriced but thats ok). I'll let the picture do the talking


If you can't tell I'm excited to add this to my Frank Thomas collection!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Sparkle and a Sparkle

I recently picked up 2 different Sparkly cards of Ryan Howard. (Shocking I know) They are both cool and fairly limited in production.

This one is from 2011 Topps:

The sticker is not on the card no worries. I believe the print run on these were one per case so to get it for less then 5 dollars I was quite happy. Look at his arm shine!

This is the Silver Slate parallel. I believe the print run on these based on other people's math were between 150-175 per. It should really be called a blue shiny parallel. I'll call Topps and tell them to get on that.

Thanks for reading and if you want to trade other cards let me know (the 2 above aren't for trade unless you really blow my socks off)!

Monday, May 20, 2013

A Few Cards Pulled!

These are some cards that have been pulled directly from the packs either by myself or my girlfriend! I would be willing to trade for some sort of Phillies auto/relic or Frank Thomas etc. Just give a shout (or comment nicely) if you're interested and we can work something out.

I went to the Phillies game on Sunday during the day. It was overcast all day but it did not rain at all during the game, thankfully. The best part is I saw back to back home runs for the win. I have no idea if that has ever happened previously but either way it was pretty awesome to watch! High fives all around and everyone leaves happy (until they sit in traffic trying to get back onto the highway). We were sitting 1st base side lower level so we had a real good view of the home runs that were hit out to left field (both pull shots by Kratz and Galvis). And they were hit off of Chapman, which is crazy cause of how good he has been the last few years. All in all a fun afternoon.

Now back to the cards, pulled these 2 from some retail 2013 Topps:

A pretty cool Jason Heyward relic card and the out of bounds short print of Anthony Rizzo!

The Matt Adams auto has already been traded so that is no longer available. The Dwight Smith and Jedd Gyorko are available. Jedd is doing pretty decent for his first season.

A little change of pace. I do like Mike Richards seeing as he is a former Flyer but I would rather see him in a Flyers uniform so this can be traded. Any Edmonton Oilers fans out there? If so this Sam Gagner can be yours!

I plan on getting to scanning and trying to get some trade waters going! I haven't completed a trade in almost a week or so now! Too long!

If you're interested drop me a line.. if you don't see anything you like check out the Trade Bait page (scans available if you want to see anything just haven't had the time to post all the cards in the Trade Bait section) And if you want other stuff I have a few cards that I hold for off trade bait. Cards that would be a bit harder for my to let go but anything can be had if the deal is right! So you never know unless you ask! (that was the wordiest way ever just to say hey just ask!)

Thanks for reading my diatribes and hope to trade with you soon!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Real Quick Post -- A Little Fergie!

I recently picked up this pretty sweet card from National Treasures. I like this set quite a bit but the price point is a little high for me to bust a box. But picking up singles for way less then a box is easy!

Check out this sweet auto  numbered out of 25!

I had traded my Five Star auto a few weeks (months?) ago so I am happy to add this auto back to my collection. I like the look.

That's all just saying hi!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Trade with Sportscards from the Dollar Store!

I recently completed a fun trade with Sportscards from the Dollar Store! I sent him a whole bunch of set needs and a couple autos. He sent me back a whole bunch of good stuff too. The cards got here quite quickly and Thank you for completing my UD Hockey set!

Check it out!

I really like the photography in this set, quite nice. Happy to get the Ryan Nugent Hopkins in a trade so I didn't have to buy it (wasn't going to buy any more packs considering the amount of doubles we have) (I say we because this is my girlfriends set not mine).

This is all from 1991 O-Pee-Chee! He did include the entire team set in the trade package but I scanned these nine. Thanks for including the traded cards as well that was a nice touch. 

A sweet dual jersey of Simon Gagne. Always liked him for his time with the Flyers. Kinda hopes he sticks around but I get it if they let him go considering the team performance last year.
2 More sweet Flyers relics. A Kimmo Timmonen, the lone bright spot this year on the Flyers blueline. RJ Umberger and Keith Primeau. I really liked Primeau when him and Recchi played together. They were a fun tandem to watch, always seemed to get something done!

Thanks for the trade and thanks for reading!