Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello Hello!

Just popping in real quick to say hi! Hope everyone enjoyed my story on the previous post and Thanks for the comments! The Phillies unfortunately are basically done for this season, but there's a lot of buzz in these parts for new Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. I don't think the Eagles make the playoffs but they may be a million times more entertaining to watch then last year. Also, I have faith he will not use all of his time outs in the 1st and 3rd quarters!

Here is the last card I received to complete my 1954 Topps Phillies set.

I am almost done with the 50s Topps Sets. We are planning to go to the Philly Show at the end of September and there's dealer there that I usually pick up a lot of vintage from. Hopefully he has all or most of the 1957's.. or if anyone has any to trade let me know and I will gladly try and work out a deal!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Home Run ball! A Story!

Usually I post my recent acquisitions or try and drum up some trades, which is always fun! This evening I am going to tell a baseball narrative. In my lifetime I have been to many baseball games. I was fortunate enough that growing up my family had the Sunday Package at Veteran's Stadium. A few years ago I was living in Chicago for work and wanted to check out the White Sox Stadium. (I lived within walking distance of Wrigley).

My girlfriend and I ventured to the ballpark on April 16th 2011 to take in a White Sox vs Angels game. Took the red line train through the city. It was one of those 30-35 degree spring days in Chicago that the Midwest knows and loves. There was a chance of rain but my girlfriend was flying out the next day so we had to take the risk and hope the game happened. As we were walking up to the stadium the Stubhub promotional girls stopped us and asked if we would like to enter a contest.

I asked what the contest was and what the prize would be. It was a paper airplane throwing contest and the prize was you get a hat, shirt and get to sit in the stubhub sits in Right Field right above the bullpen bar and in the picnic area out there.

I couldn't find a great picture but essentially the seats were one flight of steps and 2 steps above this guy. So directly along the foul pole in home run territory and right before the regular seats. 

I made a couple paper airplanes and was practicing my throws when the main promoter runs over and tells us the other people dropped out so we won! They just asked if we would throw a couple to get some footage. No problem! The only deal with the seats was you had to agree to be put on the Jumbotron in the 3rd inning. I couldn't say yes fast enough. 

They gave us a hat and T shirts and then escorted us through the stadium the way the scouts get in. It was pretty cool to walk in that way, definitely something different. We went to the bar out there to wait for the game to start.. and then a lovely thunderstorm rolled in. It was a good one and created a 2.5 hour rain delay. No freaking way we were leaving considering we were going to get to sit in recliners during the game! 

We waited out the delay and the game started without a hitch. The pitching matchup was Tyler Chatwood vs Gavin Floyd (still like him from his time with the Phillies). The stands weren't that filled considering the delay and cold but there was a nice smattering of people. In the 5th inning as we were warming our hands I told my girlfriend that if a home run is hit I bet I can get it seeing as we were the only one outside in the picnic area. In the 6th inning I hear a real loud crack of the bat, you know the sound, home run. I immediately put my hands up to my face, cause I don't want to get hit in the face. My girlfriend looks at me quizzically and then does the same just in case. 

The ball landed on the 2nd tier of the picnic area, bounced to the 3rd (where we were) hit the brick wall in front of the seats and then bounced back down to the 2nd tier. I immediately leaped out of my seat and made a beeline towards the ball. I figured I could step the railing (I'm 5'10") but alas I could not because of the 2 steps down it was from the next level. I had no time to waste and being the smart person I am I dove head first onto concrete and rolled really whacking my ankle in the process. I grabbed the ball and held it up proud. MY FIRST HOME RUN BALL! 

Seeing as the Angels Hank Conger hit it, I started to hear the people around me yell to throw it back. So I did what any good Phillies fan does I reared back threw my arm forward and stopped and put the ball in my pocket. I successfully heckled about 1000 people at once, also new for me! I was making some noise that I sprained my ankle for this ball and no way I was chucking it back. That prompted security to come over and make sure I was ok. I told them I was fine and they let me on my way.

About an inning after that we decided to leave but not without a great memory and in my opinion a great story. I did not take my shoe off until we got back to my apartment and my ankle promptly ballooned to 3 times the size. It was all worth it!

Here's the box score to the game courtesy of baseball reference:

Here is the ball in all its glory:

I picked up an auto of his just to displayed them together. This ball is worth 2 bucks to someone but to me there isn't a price on the sentimental value. 

Thanks for reading my story!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trade Bait Post -- Non-Baseball!

Last time I posted up some smattering of baseball hits for trade and that went well! I was able to complete a few trades and that's always fun. I am trying to unload my non Philadelphia area cards from the other sports, preferably for Philly area cards, Frank Thomas, Ryan Howard, or 2013 Bowman Silver Ice Parallels! I would entertain other cards of course but those are currently on top of the wish list and of course anything on the Want List (I have some random sets up there I'm trying to finish off!)

Without further adieu:

Eric Staal Dual relic (with a prime piece)
Dany Heatley Relic
Mikka Kiprusoff Relic
Guy Chouinard Auto (very legible too!)
Wade Leblanc/Ben Scrivens Dual Relic
Sergei Fedorov Patch relic 

Some decent hockey stuff. I will happily swap them straight up for Flyers cards! 

Here's some non hits but they are Rookies and numbered. Fuji any interest in the sharks? Andrew Desjardins, Tommy Wingels and Brian Fahey. 

I only have 3 non Sixers Basketball hits. The Harden is numbered out of 99(claimed). A Taj Gibson relic and High school Phenom Rashard Lewis Certified auto(claimed). 

Edit: My power went out in the middle of writing this post and I completely forgot to add the few Football cards I have as well! 

Lance Kendriks Auto
Paul Smith Auto
Dan LeFevour Auto
Marlon Barnes Relic
Deandre McDaniel Auto
Joe Klopfenstein Auto

And last but not least 2 Graded Rookies of Ndamukong Suh and Tim Tebow!

I know as a whole my baseball offerings tend to be more plentiful since I actively collect them. I picked up most of these in some random group breaks and hit drafts (whatever happened to those when I first got into blogging I was in like 10 of them!) 

If anyone has any interest in swapping some cardboard drop me a line brauer144 at gmail dot com or leave a comment!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The 6th in my collection!

I recently picked up my 6th Auto of Ryan Howard! I had been searching for this card for about 2 years, so I may have slightly overpaid but it does not pop up much.

Check it out!

I like the auto on top of the large relic piece. Sure its not multi colored even though its low numbered but hey probably made it slightly cheaper. I believe Howard is the key to the team next year. He hasn't been the same since his achilles injury. If he can turn it on like David Ortiz has it would be huge for the Phillies. The starting pitching seems like it will be fine next year and the bullpen should get an overhaul and has to be better (only way to go is up!)

Now I just need the normal non auto Titanic Threads.

Also, in the next day or the day after (depends how busy I am) I plan on posting a whole bunch of non baseball hits for trade. I am trying to turn some of the non Phillies/Flyers/Sixers/Eagles stuff into that stuff!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gint A Cuffs Recap!

I have completed my point posts (feel free to check my math) and decided to do a nice little wrap up post.

First here are the scans for the back of the minis. I learned my lesson for next year. I will scan the backs of every mini with the pack!

The rarest one I hit was the Alex Rodriguez. It's a short print A&G back. He is possibly the most hated man in baseball since someone else everyone hated in baseball. I won't be collecting any mini sets so if someone wants to swap me the Phillies minis for any of those cards please drop me a line!

The Jason Dufner is pretty cool considering he just won the PGA Championship! Can't say I watch much golf but I do have a mean mini golf stroke.

I got the expected 12 Short Prints. I get the whole set chase thing but there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason why certain players are short prints. If there is someone please enlighten me. Just seems like Topps picked random guys to insert one every 2 packs. 

One Little Corner is the favorite insert set. We already bought the whole set off ebay. So these three are for trade, Haumera, Pluto (it was still a planet when I was in school!) and Uranus (haha)! The three Civilizations of Ages Past cards are the Mayans, Swahili and Olmecs. And the three Palaces and Strongholds I received are The Bastille, Taj Mahal and Forbidden City. The Taj Mahal used to be a pretty cool casino back in the day. 

Honestly the inserts don't do a ton for me as a whole. I get why people like the oddness of Ginter but it feels the same as Goodwin.. and thats why I don't buy Goodwin. 

Here are the rest of the inserts I pulled. Not a bad mix of Across the Years. I like the concept more then last year's large insert set.

Here is the three hits! I really liked the framed relics. They look nice! I wish they wouldn't have replaced one of the framed relic hits with just a normal one.

Overall, I really enjoyed opening some wax and scoring for Gint a Cuffs! I love me some competition even if it is mostly luck of the draw (or maybe I love gambling ehh either way!)

As usual all the non Phillies are for trade, the Maury Wills and Puig base card have been claimed so I am holding them aside unless the deal doesn't work out (although I'm confident it will).

Hope everyone enjoyed seeing my Ginter box!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gint A Cuffs Part 4!

This will bring us to the end of the box. I will have one more post after this to wrap it up. I like the way Cardboard Conundrum did it.

Pack 19 
Avisial Garcia SP -- +2
Martial Mastery -- +3
Ty Cobb A&G Back -- +2
Pack Total: 7
Running Total:140
Pack 20 
Joe Mauer -- +2
Tom Seaver Across The Years -- +2
Melky Cabrera Mini SP -- +3
Cliff Lee -- +1
Pack Total: 8
Running Total: 148

Pack 21 
David Wright -- +2
Carlton Fisk SP -- +2
Queen Beatrix -- +3
Forbidden City -- +3
Pack Total: 10
Running Total: 158

Pack 22
James Shields Across the Years -- +2
Pack Total: 2
Running Total: 160

Pack 23 
Wei Yen Chen SP -- +2
Rene Descartes Inquiring Minds -- +3
Martial Mystery -- +3
Pack Total: 8
Running Total: 168

Pack 24 
Tony Gwynn Mini -- +3
Mike Trout Across the Years -- +2
Pack Total: 5
Running Total: 173

Pretty sweet Box Topper of the best hitter in baseball -- +8

Total total: 181

Stay tuned for my wrap up post!

Thanks for following along!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Let's Go! Gint A Cuffs Part 3

Onto the pack ripping!

Pack 13
Lou Gehrig -- -1
Mark Teixeira -- -1 
Justin Upton Across the Years -- +2
Pack Total: 0
Running Total: 90
Boo yankees! 

Pack 14
Joe Mauer Across the Years -- +4
Frank Robinson A&G Back Mini -- +2
Pack Total: 6
Running Total: 96

Pack 15
Roy Halladay -- +1
Josh Rutledge SP -- +2
One Little Corner -- +3
Alex Rodriguez A&G Mini Back Short print (1:65) -- +5
Pack Total: 11
Running Total: 107

Pack 16
Carlos Gonzalez Across the Years -- +2
Adam Dunn Relic -- +10
Pack Total: 12
Running Total: 119

Pack 17
Palaces and Strongholds -- +3
Marco Scutaro SP -- +2
Matthew Berry Black Mini -- +3 (ironically watching him talk about fantasy on TV right now, quickly learning who not to draft!)
Chris Mortenson -- -1
Pack Total: 7
Running Total: 126

Pack 18
Mat Latos SP -- +2 
Civilizations of Ages Past -- +3
Chris Sale A&G Back -- +2
Pack Total: 7
Running Total: 133

Not too shabby.. 6 packs to go and the box topper and then we shall have a final answer! I also need to scan the backs of the mini's in order to be fair. Fun rip but I'm excited for Chrome! 12 boxes coming soon! 

Thanks for reading!

Gint A Cuffs Part 2!

Let's continue the counting madness!

Pack 7
Kyle Seager SP -- +2
Martial Mastery Knights -- +3
Bob Feller Black Mini -- +3
Pack Total: 8
Running Total: 54

Pack 8
One Little Corner -- +3
Robin Yount SP -- +2
Cliff Lee Mini -- +1
Pack Total: 6
Running Total: 60

Pack 9
Jim Bunning -- +1
Justin Verlander Across the Years -- +2
Jason Dufner Mini Regular Back SP -- +3
Pack Total: 6
Running Total: 66

Pack 10
Maury Wills Auto (yay auto!) -- +10
Adrian Beltre Across the Years -- +2
Inquiring Minds Thomas Aquinas Mini -- +3
Pack Total: 15
Running Total: 81

Pack 11 
Nick Saban -- -1
Adam Richman -- -1
Pope Francis -- +1
Civilizations of Ages Past -- +3
Wily Peralta SP -- +2
Pack Total:4
Running Total: 85
Pack 12
The Bastille -- +3
Rickey Henderson SP -- +2
Pack Total: 5
Running Total: 90

Twelve Packs in, on pace for 180 but only one hit left so who knows if I will get there. Mike Trout says hi! 

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Can you feel it?! Gint a Cuffs V is here! Part 1

I opened this box for Gint a Cuffs over a week ago! I scanned all of the cards pack by pack (my first ever Ginter box) I will say I enjoyed breaking this box but I have no desire to collect them all. There was one insert set that was of interest so we just bought those real quick off ebay.

Sooo... I will post all of these cards and if you want to trade for any of the non phillies, offer me some phillies and we got a deal!

Also, sorry I did not scan the back of the mini's. I will post them as they are and scan them all in one big shot at the end to prove their point worthiness.

Pack 1
Yoenis Cespedes Across the Years -- +2
Pack total: 2
Running Total: 2

Pack 2
Ryan Howard Fav Player/Fav team -- +5
Alex Rodriguez Yankee/SP -- +1 
Mini Mo Rivera -- -1
Andy Pettite -- -1
Pack Total: 4
Running Total: 6

Pack 3
Jon Jay Fav Player -- +2
Jim Rice Across the years -- +2
Prince William Heavy Hangs the Head -- +3
Pack Total: 7
Running Total: 13

Pack 4
Olivia Culpo -- +1
One Little Corner Pluto -- +3
Freddie Freeman SP -- +2
Codes Ciphers Cryptographs Indus Script -- +3
RA Dickey -- +2 
Pack Total: 11
Running Total: 24

Pack 5
Joey Votto Across the Years Fav player -- +4
John Axford Mini Relic -- +10
Nick Swisher A&G Back Mini -- +2
Pack Total: 16
Running Total: 40

Pack 6
Tim Lincecum Across the Years Fav Player -- +4
Aroldis Chapman A&G Back -- +2
Pack Total:6
Running Total: 46

As you can see I at least hit a Puig base card in the first 6 packs! Not a bad start (I actually have no idea what a good score is). If you see any scoring errors please let me know and I will update. Stay tuned later when I type it up for Gint A Cuffs Part 2!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Big Hurt!

I recently was contacted by one of my cool readers out there George. Like me, he is a fellow Frank Thomas collector. We chatted some back and forth and he kindly offered to shoot me some of his doubles.. he failed to mentioned that he would send me about 100 different cards!

Check out this awesomeness!


The mix is great! All the 90s shininess is always appreciated. It has fueled my love of chrome. I added all of these cards to my master list and I now have over 500 different Thomas cards! It's quite fun to look through them all in the binder I have. I keep the autos and relics and the Finest refractor separate. Its tough to pick a favorite card but I am partial to the Score summit parallel. Brings back memories of opening packs with my brother. I think I may have a few parallels of that set buried in the basement somewhere (have to dig those ole cards out one day!)

Thanks for the kindness George!

Thanks for reading!