Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Some old cards!

I've been kinda a lazy blogger lately, but that's ok. Been busy with life stuff. All good though! I have some old scans just want to show off.. old scans of old cards! I'd like to start showing off some of my Phillies team sets and some other things that I always mean to show and never get around to it. Hope everyone is excited for Topps Series 1! I haven't read much about it but I'm sure I'll pick up a pack or two eventually to see the cards in person. May many monster pulls be in your future!

1954 was a good year! At least for cardboard. I do like the look of the sets in the 50s. If I ever make a lot more money I do have designs on completing them all.. who knows maybe it'll happen! 

Some solid cards in this Phillies lot! The Phillies were a solid 75 and 79 in 1954. Richie Ashburn made 21 thousand dollars that year. That roughly translates to 183K in today's dollars! What a sweet bargain for a hall of famer! He'd be banking 25-30 million a year the way salaries are now a days.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Trade with Bob Walk the Plank!

Mr. Bob Walk the Plank and I have been blind sending some cards back and forth a few times now. I try and pick up some cool Pirates when I'm able to hit up a card show and he has delivered on some really cool Phillies cards!

Check out the new ones!

A Jimmy Rollins 2012 Topps Chrome Blue refractor. This is before they changed the blue to a lighter blue. I think the darker blue is better. Also, have a new Ryan Howard Spectrum parallel. I have no idea how many different parallels were in that set but any new one is a good one!

Here's a couple of pretty sweet relics! A Chase Utley and Joe Morgan dual relic. Pretty nice card design. A Kevin Millwood relic with a pinstripe. That's the one game growing up I regret not going too. I was offered tickets to go to the Kevin Millwood perfect game and I declined because I had to do homework or something stupid. I wish I went to that game. I've seen a Grand Slam in person but never a perfect game!

Nails! This guy was one of the tougher ball players in the 80s and early 90s. Not the best financial planner in the world but he was on TV for that, so that's something. That 1993 team will always leave in the annals of Phillies history. It was the year that turned me into a Baseball fan, but young me didn't understand why the Phillies just couldn't make the World Series every year. Seemed so easy!

Thanks for the cards, I'll be sure to be on the lookout for some Pirates and Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Trade with Nomo! First of 2015!

Happy new year! Officially completed my first trade of 2015 (actually completed 2 but that will be the next post). I completed said trade with Nomo's Sushi Platter. I know he kinda stopped blogging but hes still reading and collecting Dodger cards. Also, fun fact, we grew up in the same town just didn't know it!

As usual, he sent some cool stuff!

A relic from each sport! All no longer with the team. I sense a theme. DeSean Jackson, Samuel Dalembert and Raul Ibanez! I liked Raul a lot when he was with the Phillies. Jackson had a decent season with the Redskins but he can't cover a receiver so I don't personally think the Eagles season changes a whole lot if he is there. 

A really nice condition Dick Allen card, next to a Scott Rolen Topps Gold Label. I like the look of the Gold Label cards, that's a box I would consider opening. 

Here is a fantastic card of the Phillie Fanatic. This was back in 2008 was Bud Selig postponed game 5 of the World Series due to a driving rain storm. I remember the game well. Only Philadelphia Championship in my lifetime. When the game was postponed it was actually tied. To get back into the game you needed to have your ticket for that game handy. That day the tickets were more expensive because of the potential for the Phillies to clinch! Thankfully, they did clinch!

Fanatic is looking regal in that rain suit.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Some Old Scans!

Just trying to clean out the ole scan folder to start the year. Can't believe its already mid month. I haven't thought of any goals and stuff for blogging. I think I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and it'll be fine. I aim for about 10-15 posts a month and a few trades a month. I lacked a lot of 2014 cards so trades slowed a little bit but I still managed to get a few done.

I also want to do a team giveaway this year. My extras boxes are overflowing right now and I want to get those team collectors some cards! Not sure how I'm going to do it, maybe just have people claim. I need to pick up the supplies and what not first though!

Random scans!

Picked these cards off ebay a while ago! I think the heritage chrome were just throw ins which is always appreciated from an ebay seller. Of course they are from my favorite annual release Topps Chrome.

A pretty sweet Ryan Howard Onyx (I think) parallel from Triple Threads. I don't actively go after this Rainbow but if the cards present themselves at a good price I might grab it.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 9, 2015

A rare football card..

Well rare to me! I picked this card up I think in one of those hit draft that were all the rage a year or so ago. Those were a pretty fun way to pick up a few nice cards and some random ones. I was able to trade a bunch of the stuff I got and I still have a few of the things too.

This guy is a free agent too.. Go get him, Eagles.. then trade Fletcher Cox and some picks for Mariota! (In my dreams!)

This card is for trade if anyone is a Suh or Lions fan. 10 Mint or better.. but of course its BCCG! I don't really care who wins the super bowl (hopefully not the cowboys though!) but I do have my fantasy team still alive. Here's hoping to surviving the next round!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A couple PWE's!

I enjoy the blogosphere. I am not a writer by trade but I know how to put together a sentence. I like baseball hence, baseball card blog, and I like trading. This is turning into quite the like fest. I also like people that send me random stuff for no apparent reason! Very generous and awesome.

Check out some PWE's!

The Frank Thomas Lords of the Diamond is a really cool looking card. It's diecut on the top and bottom in a nice zigzag pattern. The Sizemore is a yellow refractor from those Topps update mega chrome boxes that come out late in the year. This is courtesy of The Lost Collector! 

Always nice to see some red parallels with Phillies! I didn't open much Topps base this past year so I believe I needed all three of these! So far only J-Roll has left the team. Chooch and Asche are still around (Asche hopefully will develop into a nice player). Already getting the spring training itch!

This comes courtesy of One Man's Junk Wax!

Thanks for the cards and thanks for reading!

Friday, January 2, 2015

A Year in Review.. Ryan Howard a retrospective!

As stated many moons ago (last January-ish) I decided to go after all Ryan Howard parallels for the year. Early on the year I did really well, and was able to get a lot of them and a few of the rarer ones. I lost some steam during the year because funds had to be re-allocated else where (like getting married!) I'm not upset I didn't go after Bowman at all this year.. I wasn't impressed with the static and the bubbles. I am happy with Topps Chrome this year. They eliminated the pink refractor (was super hard to find last year) and made it fun to go after rainbow's again.

Topps Series 1...

The yellow retail, Blue Wal mart, Red Target, Red Sparkle, Silk (out of 5) and Relic (out of 99).

The Acetate (out of 10 awesome card!), Black Printing plate (1/1) and Topps Blank Back (1/1)!

Base, Power Players, Upper Class insert, Pink out of 50, Black out of 64, Camo out of 99, Gold out of 2014, Purple Toys R Us and Green Retail.

Not too shabby for Topps Series 1. As far as I know no other plates and the platinum ever surfaced, or I missed them.

Topps Series 2..

Just both relics. One numbered out of 99, one not numbered. Kinda hard to tell the difference!

Topps Turkey Red..

Got one plate! and the base card! That's it. I think the only other things out there are the plates.

Topps Allen and Ginter..

I might have the base card too somewhere. But the one mini is out 33, one out of 25 (flag back) and one out of 50 (no number). Not too bad either! 

Topps Museum Collection...

I tried real hard to get a patch out of 5 but the guy would not budge off his ridiculous price. Oh well! Three Circle relics are numbered out of 5, 10 and 25 respectively! And the Two squares are 35 and 50. I'd love to bust Museum but its beyond my risk tolerance.

Last but certainly not least... Topps Chrome!

The Ryan Howard is a really nice back to back auto (1 in 17K packs!) The guy on the other side is Joey Votto. Also, I was really happy to pick up the relic auto. Very sharp looking cards.

I know a bunch of you requested the Rainbow scan! I decided to put it all in one scan instead of 9 scans. The Super on down! I now have 2 official completed rainbows (only missing the super for 2013 Chrome).

I didn't get any Howard Triple Threads this year. Seemed like the prices weren't in line, but that's ok I'm sure they'll surface again after a time.

Thanks for checking out my 2014 Ryan Howard collection!