Wednesday, November 25, 2020

A Cleat? Yes a Cleat!

 Not so creative blog headings not withstanding. I am pretty psyched I was able to pick up this card. I have seen 3 of these hit ebay (all different) and I was outbid on the other 2. This one went for the cheapest of the 3. It may be the thickest card I own. I did not have a toploader to hold it so I used a snap case and put penny sleeves on both sides so the card won't wiggle and it isn't brushing up against the case. That's the best I could think of. 

And yes its a cleat!

This is my 2nd card from Diamond Icons this year (grabbed a Jim Thome Phillies auto previously posted here). I would love to open this product I just cannot justify the 2k or so price tag for 10 cards in a box. I got this card for less then the average per card price so that's a win! Also, knowing myself if I hit a monster trout or something else, I'd probably keep it since if I sold it I would have a hard time replacing it. When I hit the lottery big I'll  be sure to buy a case or 2! 

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

A rising star ... in the 90s!

Way back when in the 1990's I actually pulled this regular insert in a box. I still have it and it's awesome. I purchased this card for not all that much but it's fancy as you can see...

 It has a really shiny Gold Medallion on the bottom left corner. For those that don't know this enterprising card is from 1995. That was a good year. I was ten. Bought my first CD's ever (well Dad bought them for me). I was a trendy 10 year old, Alanis Morsette -- Jagged Little Pill, Weird Al Yankovic -- Bad Hair Day and Hootie and the Blowfish -- Cracked Rearview Mirror. I actually saw Weird Al in person about 2 years ago now down in Atlantic City. Still rather entertaining. 

I like many people out there enjoy a good 90s insert. This particular card is 1 in 370 packs so kinda rare! The regular insert is 1:37 so maybe 1 per box. 

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Friday, November 13, 2020


I wasn't able to buy a box of the Ben Baller Topps Chrome at MSRP and that's ok. I would've opened it and taken my chances (I rarely keep much sealed, except rip cards, that bothers my wife immensely) I was able to buy the team set and the Harper die-cut insert for not too much money. Way less then the box cost that's for sure. Thankfully got the team set in one shot from someone so no extra shipping or anything like that. 

 Also, got one of the color refractors of Nola for pretty cheap. The Die-cut insert is a nice card in general. It lives up to the shininess factor of Chrome. I know Topps capitalized on the hype but I feel like this product won't be one of those ones that collectors will be seeking in the future. More of a one and done oh that was nice type of thing. Just my opinion (as pretty much everything I wrote on my own blog is). Sorry if this was semi incoherent, works been crazy. Go Phillies!

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Sunday, November 8, 2020

A really nice Triple Threads Ryan Howard!

I am always on the lookout for rare Triple Threads cards. I have a few nice ones and always good to see them up for auction. The buy it nows tend to be outrageously high but in an auction I feel like I have a shot. I was able to get this one! I already had one numbered out of 3 so it was nice to add this to the collection. 

 Really nice patches on both sides. 

Here is the other one that I have. They look nice together.

Both are visually pleasing. If the others ever pop up I'll be sure to take a run at them. These are both from 2009. 

Shaping up to be a weird quiet off-season. We will see if the Phillies hang onto Realmuto or they traded Sixto for a 1.5 year rental. 

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