Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trade with My Cardboard Mistress!

I recently completed a great trade with My Cardboard Mistress! If you haven't seen his blog go check it out, always a good read! He is also a great trader as I quickly learned when the mail came last week. He had posted a card on his blog that he pulled from a pack and mentioned it would be for trade or sale for the right price. I said hey I would like that card if you don't mind lets trade! I sent him one pretty decent card I think and some other stuff and he did not disappoint. (That was a good story don't even deny you didn't like reading it)

I split this up into a few scans.. I will save the best for last, but if you just want to look at pictures (hey sometimes I do that) scroll to the bottom and check it out.

These are some ginter and GQ mini's. I've honestly never received so many Phillies mini's in the past week before. It's been pretty cool. I need to get motivated to actually organize them and figure out what the heck is missing. I'm sure I'm missing one or two just have no idea which one.. one day I will know and I will tell you and you'll be like hey I have that one lets trade! Now THAT will be a good day! 

The Schmidt is a boxtopper from Ginter. I've never bought a box of Ginter so to get the box topper is pretty cool. The J-Roll is one of those stand ups cards. I have a thing about keeping all my cards in the best condition possible (just short of OCD, eh who cares my cards look nice) so I haven't decided whether to stand up the J Roll or not. That will be a future decision, lets not be hasty.

Check out that Queen Latifah! Amazing. And oh yea baseball cards, Phillies mainly (or completely). I like those Triple Play cards in person. Didn't think I would they don't look great in scans. Love the Chooch insert where he is tagging someone out. Hard to tell in the scan but the Jiwan James is a gold refractor numbered out of 50. Now that's a nice 'throw-in' card if I must say so myself.

Yes these are Eagles cards. Yes they are awesome. The Nick Foles diecut is crazy thick. (on a side note if he doesnt win the starting job his autos should really drop in price!) Who knows whats going to happen with Vick and Barkley in the mix. At least it should be more interesting then last years debacle. The auto is of young wideout Marvin McNutt. Hopefully he sticks on the Eagles and does some good things this year. The other one is a relic of D Jax numbered out of 100. The placement of the relic makes me laugh almost looks like DeSean is wearing a skirt.

And the Main Event.. the star of the show.. the greatest player in the history of his sport..

An awesome Michael Jordan bat relic card! This card looks great in person. Couldn't be happier to add it to the PC! I have nothing bad to say about the card. I did always wonder though, what if MJ could hit a curveball and ended up making the majors, would he have ever gone back to basketball? It's interesting to think what would have happened. Would he have been a dual hall of famer? Is that better then the greatest basketball player ever? I like discussing the possibilities of such things. 

Thanks for the trade and Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Group Break Goods from Andrew!

I have never purchased a box of Gypsy Queen personally. I have all of 2011 (including all the inserts). I'm sure (I think I'm sure) I have most of the Phillies from 2012. I haven't bought any packs this year of Gypsy queen but I have gotten a lot of the Phillies and a couple hits! Thanks in large part to the Group Break of Andrew's Baseball Cards! I was happy with the haul and he was kind enough to throw in some heritage from last year as well. I bought two teams (Phillies and Angels) (if the box hit a Trout I wanted it to be mine). (I like paranthesis).

Check out the goods!

These were the mini's I received. All but the Phillies are for trade. I have no designs to even attempt to get all of these so I'm content with just holding onto my favorite team. The one Wade Boggs was from the mini box thing so thats why the pictures are different. (I do not remember which is which). The Price and Longoria are pretty cool. With the way Matt Moore is pitching the Rays can be dangerous this year.

This is the blue bordered CJ Wilson numbered out of 499 on the front. They really are sharp cards in person. It was cool to grab this one. I will happily swap it for any Phillies of the same variety if  you have one. Overall impressive design on these though very eye catching.

The hit of the break for me! I was more then happy when I saw Chooch's auto drop from the box! It is my first auto of his and he is coming back soon from his Adderall suspension. I hope he steps in and plays like he did last year and leads the Phillies back to the playoffs!
Thanks for hosting the group break and Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Trade with Alonzo!

I recently completed a trade with a new blog out there The Autograph Junkies! Check it out, he's a Giants guy and we completed a solid team for team swap. I got an autograph Phillies card I did not have and some other cool stuff...

A Whole lot of rookies! 

I like this Valle auto. I typically do not buy any Heritage minors so this card would've been tough for me to find. He is hopefully the heir apparent to Chooch when he decides to move on. I'm hoping the Phillies have one more big run in them before they enter the dreaded rebuilding phase.

Thanks for the trade and Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Real Quick Post tonight (Hockey related!)

Just wanted to share something quick, getting kinda late. My girlfriend really likes this years Upper Deck hockey set (only need  3, 27, 56, 66,  80, 88, 90, 104,  128) to complete the base set. If you have them I will trade for them.

I wanted to share this sweet card she pulled from one of the packs. The odds are 1 in 600 packs!!!!!!

It's the painted card of Clarke, Orr and Lafleur! I am leaning towards keeping it but if the right price came along I might sell. Either way its quite a nice piece and it was really fun to pull out of a pack!

Love a good 'hit' that isn't an auto or relic for a change!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 22, 2013

An Auto of Amazement!

I picked up this auto recently of a guy that can only be admired. He did what few would think to do considering his limitations. He was born without a right hand and still become a major league level pitcher, even winning a cy young! According to wikipedia he also appeared in an episode of Boy Meets World, one of if not the best show ever! He gets an A in my book!

I assure the card is not chopped, just scanned oddly. It's a cool picture on the card. I like how it shows that he pitched with his glove on his right arm and then he would switch real quick so he could field the ball if it came to him. Crazy and awesome that he was able to have a pretty solid major league career! 

He is now a motivational speaker. Hard to get a better example then that guy to be motivated to do something! 

I am quite pleased to add an auto of his to my collection. Just one of the good guys out there that deserves all the good things he gets!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Couple of Low Numbered Howard's!

In a joint Philadelphia effort to help Ryan Howard out of his power slump (only one Home run this year) I am going to post 2 of his really nice autos that I picked up recently. I set a price limit on each and thankfully they came in under what I was willing to spend. I really want this one. But I am not paying 900 dollars for it. Simply not in the budget and I think its worth max 300 personally.

Back to the sweet cards I actually do have!

The Howard is numbered 2 out of 10 with a sticker auto but its still a real nice design. The borders are eye catching and I like the SPx brand. 

 This Howard is even sweeter then the previous one. This one is signed on card which seems to be pretty rare for Howard cards. As you can see also numbered very low out of 10. And it also has a few bat and jersey relics spelling out NL MVP! I was quite pleased to be able to find this one and not have it at some ridiculous buy it now price (see ebay link above for ridiculous buy it now price).

The week ahead for the card blog:

 I believe I have completed all the trades that were started via email. I'm expecting a few trade packages to come in this week(which is always great). I've bought a couple of not so expensive cards off ebay that I'll hopefully get in the mail as well. Unfortunately I am quite busy this coming weekend and won't have time to make it to the post office so no trades this week since I won't be able to hold up my end of the bargain. The following week though I am hoping to finally get more organized and get some more trade bait up so people can pick and choose and make some deals! Looking forward to that.

If you happen to have any Howards numbered lower then 50.. I am interested. (I know I just said I won't be trading this week and then I ask for cards.. tell me next week!)

Thanks for reading! It's the reason I write!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Fun Fuji Trade!

I recently completed my first trade with Fuji from the aptly named The Chronicles of Fuji. It was a real easy trade to complete and we both sent fast as well. He already posted my side of the deal. Everyone else help him complete the rookie card patch set. I really want to see all of them scanned together on his blog.

I asked for a Pat the Bat autograph and I received that and some other cool stuff!

It's my first Burrell auto and I'm happy to add it. Fuji was kind enough to include his custom card and auto! Ebay here I come! The inserts are cool and ones I definitely did not have! All in all a very satisfying and easy trade!

Thanks for the trade and Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Thank you to Allthewaytothebackstop!

A little while ago Marcus from All The Way to the Backstop! posted about some Heritage cards he picked up. He asked if people wanted to trade. I said I was interested in the Phillies card he got. I didn't hear anything back but no big deal messages get missed. Imagine my surprise and delight when I got a PWE in the mail with the card I was interested in and a bonus card!

Check it out, its especially sweet because I didn't buy any Heritage this year so getting this card would be real difficult!

The Carlton is a sweet oddball card I did not have. The Howard is not only a shortprint but its a Chrome refractor numbered out of 999! I recently picked up a card to properly send a Thank you back. Once I get it expect a nice Padre in return!

Thanks for your kindness and Thanks for Reading!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Still have to scan stuff.. so 1953 Topps Phillies Team Set!

I have already showed off the beauty of the 1952 Topps Phillies set. Here is 1953! A lot of these cards were obtained at card shows from the same dealer. He has binders full of vintage and its quite organized so it makes it easier to find what you need!

I like the painted look of the cards in this set. I especially enjoy that each card says "Fightin' Phillies" on it! Glad to knock this one off the ole want list. Eventually I will get fully organized (or as much as possible) and actually have Phillies wants up! I know I say just send me whatever and I do like randomness but it would be cool if I can get my hands on that elusive Steve Jeltz card I just can't find!

My pile of cards next to my scanner is ever growing, its like the blob!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Some Phillies Hits!

I'm a bit behind on scanning but I promise to catch up soon! I appreciate all the trades and want to give people the proper props! Just going to show some Phillies hits I recently picked up.

This is my first auto of the Hit King! I know he's signed a ton of stuff the last couple years so I picked this up at Wal Mart with a gift card! You get the whole set(some nice photos) and a Pete Rose auto guaranteed! Good deal if you ask me.

The Abreu and Carrasco were picked out of a bargain bin at the Philly Card Show back in March. As a side note I don't know why I call it the Philly Show when its about 40 minutes or so from Philly. Either way I got these there. The Relic is pretty cool and always looking to add autos of Phillies I don't have. Carrasco is fringe major leaguer right now but he still might make it. I think he will get another shot this year but he will have to make the most of it!

I have quite a bit to share and hopefully trade with you guys out there! I'm hoping when I start a new job in May I might have some more time to work out some deals among other things!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Phillies Completed Team Set -- 1955 Bowman!

This is one of my favorite sets. If I'm going to put the time in resources into a set this is high on the list of possibilities. I already have the Mantle but I know there are a couple other hard to get cards (besides the high numbers of course). I like the 'tv' look of these cards and think they have a perfect vintage look and feel to them.

Yes, I realize there are other cards in the scan. I just wanted to show all the cards together but I didn't feel like re-scanning them all again. The Hamner I got in a trade with your friend and mine Coot Veal and the Vealtones.

Overall very happy to knock this set off and the cards all look good. Currently, they are all stored in separate sleeves. In the near future I'm planning on investing in some 8 pocket pages to properly store these and the other slightly larger vintage sets. Does anyone have a better idea then 8 pocket pages? I just don't want to ruin any of the cards.

The next Phillies team set that I really need to go after is 1957 Topps. Anyone out there have any extras that you're willing to trade/sell?

Happy Friday! Sure to be a good day, getting free Rita's Water Ice (if you don't know what that is, look it up and try it!)

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kinda tired tonight to actually write.. so Mickey Mantle Card Gallery!

Here is every Mickey Mantle card I own in no particular order!

Hope you enjoyed my little slice of history!

Thanks for reading (or looking in this case)!

Hopefully be back to regularly scheduled posting shortly!

Monday, April 8, 2013

A new 1 of 1!

This is a TRUE one of one.. not one of those "ebay" one of ones. Although, I did get it on ebay at a price I was more then comfortable with considering the scarcity of the TRUE one of one! I'm sitting here watching Roy Halladay's career crumble on national TV so I might as well post a cool card to keep my spirits up!

Sweet relic from 2009 Tripe Threads! I've been collecting Howards numbered under 25 lately (have quite a few more from the past month!) But this is the lowest number of them all! My only other 1 of 1 Howard is the 2012 Superfractor.

I had the rainbow graded for protection and display purposes. I have no future plans to sell it. I didn't put any minimum grade on it so getting it back like that was just a bonus!

Also, I just joined a group break at Andrew's Baseball Cards. He is breaking a box of Gypsy Queen so for just 12 bucks you get your pick and a random team. Check it out!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Shiny Team sets!

I recently picked up from ebay two 2011 Topps Chrome Phillies team sets. Not just any team sets though the gold and sepia refractors! Pretty difficult to find together and I didn't have any of the Phillies so it was definitely worth the price of admission! Don't be blinded by the scans!

The sepia's are numbered to 99 in 2011. They changed it to 75 for 2012 (which honestly makes more sense because in 2011 they had 2 different colored refractors numbered to 99). Not pictured is Dominic Brown (I have the card for both but he was the odd man out for the 9 pocket page scan). Victorino and Oswalt are the only 2 guys not still on the team. Oswalt unfortunately didn't live up to the hype and Victorino signed a 3 year 39 Million dollar deal with the Red Sox. Can't blame him for taking that kind of money. 

I never got around to scanning the rest of my Sepia set from this past year. I've showed half of it but I never followed up with part 2! I will do that soon. It is quite a pretty set to look at all together! 

The golds are numbered to 50 so to get them all in one shot was pretty nice. The seller had them priced a little high so we went back and forth a couple of times and he eventually accepted my offer! 

The Phils lost again but it was close, they need to score runs before the 9th inning though! 

Thanks for reading!