Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Trade with Reader Edgar!

I'm sitting in my living room watching American Ninja Warrior... dreaming of being a Ninja. Found out today that Steven Seagel is a 7 degree black belt. Impressive! Also, I completed a trade with reader Edgar! (if you have a blog let me know and I will link!)

I sent him a bunch of set needs that I was able to find and he hit up my want list!

Check em out!

Took a nice chunk of my 80s want lists away! And the cards he sent were in really nice condition! I have a wide range of condition vintage Phillies and its always nice to get some sharp pictures to add to the binders. (Currently the 80s are not in binders but one day they will be.) 

I didn't scan all the cards, but he was also nice enough to give me an entire team set of Limited Edition Diamond Anniversary cards from 2011! I asked him what these were from because I had just started back collecting that year. Apparently it was from the Diamond Cards Giveaway, you needed 45 rings and Topps sent you a set. Very happy to knock out the whole team set in one go!

Thanks for the trade and Thanks for reading!


  1. Life would be so much easier if we were ninjas.....

    1. Speak for yourself about *not* being a ninja...