Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Member's Only!

This year's stadium club seems like a really cool set. Wish I had a bit more card budget this year then I would've jumped in on it more. I busted the one blaster, didn't hit anything crazy but each card was a beautiful piece of photography. It was refreshing to see. I was able to pick up this rare parallel unnumbered but the print run is rumored to be around 7 (it's what I've read, feel free to correct me)

I whole 99 cents with free shipping! Love a good deal!

A nice action shot, which fits the theme of the rest of the set. I wonder what the Phillies are going to do with Howard next year. They won't be a competitive team again and some of the young guys are not quite ready to come up. We shall see but it would be nice as a fan to get one last curtain call.

Let's not talk about the Eagles.

On the good news front. The Allen and Ginter box has been purchased and should arrive tomorrow! I will be doing Gint A Cuffs ASAP since final scores are due in 8 days.

Also, days off from work are great!

Thanks for reading!


  1. The 2015 Members Only parallels are rumored to be 7 copies each but what you have there is a first day issue parallel from the 2008 set, which isn't that rare. Sorry to be a buzzkill, still a nice looking card!

    1. haha oh well, thanks for letting me know, thankfully only a dollar!