Friday, February 19, 2016

Re-Pack from the Wife!

A couple weeks ago my wife was in Target? (I think it was Target) and decided to grab one of those 10 packs for 10 dollars or some such deal. As always, packs are fun to open!

Here's a few things we got!

This card was just loose in the box. I was surprised when I saw it, but I will never complain about a decent on-card auto. I don't know a lot about the prospect but he's on the Cubs and they are a rising team. Apparently, he's only 19 years old so could have a few more years until he's Major League ready. And then I will sell this card for about 10 million and retire!

Here's a nice sampling of cards that were pulled. I like the Panini Cooperstown cards despite the lack of logos. A Posey (he's good) and a gold Tim Wakefield. (I really enjoyed the documentary Knuckleball!) If you enjoy baseball thats a good one!

Last but certainly not least!

From one single pack of 2008 Topps Jumbo, hit a PC card! It was really fun to pull a Howard that is staying in the collection. I'm sure at some point or another the other cards will be going out to you guys out in blogoland. (made that word up!) (exclamation point)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thanks for reading!


  1. There was some really neat stuff in there. That Ryan Howard card is very interesting looking. It sounds like you need to get your wife to select more boxes/packs in the future, as she might have some kind of second sight when it comes to choosing the good one's.

  2. A Cubs auto from a repack makes for a good day in my book; however, two hits in a repack is unprecedented! Let her pick everything!

    1. Dylan Cease was drafted in 2014 after he had TJ surgery and he was considered to be a first round talent before the injury. He has the livest arm in the Cubs system, regularly hitting 97 with ease, while maxing out around 99-100. This will be his first full healthy season with the Cubs and many are excited to see him log 100+ innings as a starter to see what kind of talent he really is. Some are already singing his praises, as one prospect pundit placed him in their top 100 prospect list a week or so ago. (Keith Law maybe? I read a ton of prospect reports and keep them all straight.)
      It's a nice find in a repack!

    2. Thanks for the breakdown, sounds like an auto to hold and see what happens!

  3. Great repack! The only time that I've ever pulled two hits from a repack was when the 20 packs for 20 dollars packs still had a guaranteed hit. I got the guarantee and pulled an additional from one of the packs. Sadly, no one as good as either of yours. Congrats!