Saturday, November 26, 2016

Topps Now!

This is my only Topps Now! card. It was given to me by my brother in the batch of cards he brought. It may be the last Ryan Howard Topps Now card as well. After the world series he was officially released according to rotoworld. (Not sure if I believe them though!) Either way we will see if he hooks on with a contract in spring training with an American League team. Father time never loses though. If he retires he will surely be in the Phillies Wall of Fame for being maybe the 2nd greatest Phillies player of all time (behind Mike Schmidt of course) (I may be bias in that observation).

Here is the card!

Really nice action shot. You can even see the ball coming off the bat. I wonder if these Topps Now cards will continue to do well next year. Seems like collectors in general like getting extra cards of their team or player PC. It has a place in my collection!

Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving! Happy almost December!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I think Topps now has more than enough to carry it through the years. The rookies alone were huge hits this year with many reaching over a 1000 cards.