Friday, May 26, 2017

Going through the old scan folder..

Just perusing the old scan folder. I feel like some of these cards are underappreciated. I just picked up a nice Ryan Howard PC piece but I have not gotten my scanner up and running yet. I'm pretty busy this weekend (as I'm sure most people are since its the long weekend) but I want to get that done this week. I have a bunch of new things to scan and some old things.

Here is the card I was talking about..

A real sleek looking bat knob. I remember when these were first hitting the market and the prices were way out of my league. Thankfully they have come down to more manageable levels for non Hall of  Fame or vintagey players. I'm sure a Ty Cobb or whatever bat knob commands quite a premium.

Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend, hope the weather stays nice as well!


  1. i love the bat knob relics. Most are out of my price range. great pick-up! have a great holiday!

  2. I hope you had a safe holiday. I finally got my first knob this year. They are super awesome. Tier 1 makes better looking relics than Museum, Tribute, and Triple Threads imho. Congrats