Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I recently picked up this fun card for my wife. She is a avid squirrel card collector. If my count is correct she is now up to 3 different cards. Still searching for the ever elusive 2012 Topps Squirrel card for a reasonable price (there's a few ridiculous buy it nows). What I like about this 2015 version is that it's actually a Phillies card!

Look at the one lady ducking and the one exuberant young man taking a quick photo. Lots to see in this card. The guy in the red hat missed his chance at fame because something else besides the Squirrel caught his attention. I've always wanted to be in the background of a semi prominent base card (not too prominent I value my privacy and I would obviously be way too famous if it was a prominent card). Also, I would like to sit directly behind the dugout, those are some swank seats. I'm more of a Upper Deck baseball fan when I go to the stadium. I like 400 level behind home plate, can see the whole field with a good view of the beautiful Philly skyline.

Enjoy Squirrels, hope they don't eat all of your bird feeders!

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  1. Awesome! I didn't know this card existed but it's now going to be on my wantlist. I have been a squirrel fan my entire life.

  2. I can be seen in the background of the Russel Martin 2013 Chrome card which was taken at Citizen Bank Park against the Phillies

  3. There are THREE squirrel cards? That's way more than I would have guessed.
    Wait, there's a ton! And they're 'spensive...,=squirrel

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