Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A 'new' Rookie

I recently received this Ryan Howard card. It was hard to find and I had to beat out some other people on bidding. Believe it or not (believe it cause it's true) I do not have all the 2003 Elite Ryan Howard variations. I quite like the look of them. Would love to open a case of this stuff if I could ever find it, seems like fun. This is back when Elite had logos and was actively not paying MLB for the privilege.

Hard to see the numbering but its on the left hand side. 29 out of 43. Hard card to track down these days. Even the auto that used to go for big bucks is numbered out of 100 (I have 2 of those now). Would love to find and be able to afford the other parallels for this card.

Also, Ryan Howard was at the Eagles game this past Sunday. I like to see when local other teams support a team that's doing well. He isn't a Cowboys fan. Eagles mania is strong on sports talk radio in this town. It's a fun ride I hope it keeps going!

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