Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Cards from Cutch!

I not so recently received these cards from my friend Collecting Cutch! He writes a Andrew McCutchen centric blog and actually posts quite a bit of good content. I like to think I post content, good is debatable. I finally pulled a Cutch card he didn't have and after enjoying it in my collection a while I decided to send it over to him.. he responded by beefing up my Ryan Howard collection.

Check out the goodness!

A couple of Honus Bonus 1/1's

A really nice Topps Sterling White Parallel. These cards are really nice in person.

Topps Tribute Topps Blank back 1/1! 

Very much appreciate for the cards. Sorry I took so long to post them up. 

Short Ryan Howard bidding story. My friend Collecting Cutch pointed me in the direction of the Ryan Howard signed Topps contract that the topps vault puts out on ebay every now and then. I bid 175 dollars on a snipe and lost.. no joke someone had a higher max. I was like ok if I ever see another one I am not messing around. Another one popped up about a month ago.. I figured I'd bid a little earlier then the last 3 seconds so that didn't happen again. I bid it up to 300 dollars and lost.. Is Ryan Howard buying back his own Topps Contracts?!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Glad you liked the cards. That Sterling shines in hand. Thanks again for the trade

  2. Nice additions. Cutch is the man and has an amazing collection