Monday, September 17, 2018

Hoskins Salutes you!

I recently picked up my first auto of my new semi mini collection PC player Rhys Hoskins. I would go full blown PC but a lot of his stuff is quite pricey. I was quite pleased this card didn't grade well cause that kept the price down! I was able to snag this for 30 dollars.

Pretty nice auto numbered out of 25. The corners got dinged big but there's nothing crazy. It's fine for a raw card in my opinion and displays real nice. I have a bunch more rookies to show and would love to pick  up some Topps Chrome color in the offseason hopefully when the prices go down. Would love to shoot for the rainbow but with the waves of colors not sure I have the wherewithal to do it this year.

Hoping the Phillies finish out strong.

Thanks for reading!

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