Saturday, February 9, 2019

Haseley and Something different!

I'm really liking the Philly sports scene right about now. The Sixers made some bold moves and suddenly are real contenders for the finals. That starting five is legit and they even attempted to make the bench better! I like the winning now mentality. They were completely unwatchable when they were winning 10-15 games a year in an effort to get a better draft pick.

Also, really liking the JT Realmuto trade. I understand they gave up Sixto Sanches but he's a pitching prospect. I hope he's good in general but its very hard to project these guys accurately with injuries and all that. If they can add a Harper or Machado to that lineup it's going to be super strong. Even if they don't it should still be good with Realmuto, McCutchen, Hoskins and company. Either way should be fun to watch. We will see how some of the younger pitchers do after Arrieta and Nola in the rotation.

Maybe this guy will be a big name in the lineup in a couple years..

Picked this card up at the last card show I went to for 10 dollars. As far as I know he's been solid in the minors so he should get a shot on the big club sooner or later.

This card just caught my eye in one of those random hit boxes. I just thought it was really cool. Also, the Durham Bulls are obviously the team from the movie Bull Durham.

Thanks for reading, getting hype for baseball season!

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