Saturday, April 13, 2019

Some Purple Cards!

Before Toys R Us went by the wayside.(still kinda sad about that) They were grossly mismanaged but that's a discussion for another day. Anyway, sometimes the Wife and I would make runs around Toys R Us in the area strictly to buy the blister packs with the loose purple parallels.

Here are the parallels we got from 2017 Opening Day.

The best in this bunch are the Yoan Moncada rookie and the Gary Sanchez. Moncada might be worth something now that he's starting to play like a decent player for the White Sox. He had some crazy hype that was just too much to live up to right away. 

The Yelich is a nice hit. He has been really good at Baseball the last couple years. Last year won the MVP and deserved it and starting off really strong this year. 

George Springer is a good player. He's a guy I would not mind having on the Phillies (probably won't happen but I would be ok with him starting in Center over Odubel) Arenado yea he's ok, the regular 30 HR 130 RBI machine.

These parellels are pretty nice and shiny out of Opening Day. I always say that I plan on selling them just rarely get around to it. Pretty sure I only sold 1 card out of this bunch (not shown Andrew Benintendi) Well if anyone wants to buy or trade for any that's fine, if not no big deal I'll keep them.

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  1. I've always wondered why the TRU exclusives were purple, it seems like orange would've been the more appropriate color?