Sunday, October 27, 2019

Back from vacation!

The blog has been a little quiet this month. I have some cards to show but I was away with the wife on vacation. We spent 3 days in Rome and 3 days in Spain. It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it. Also, don't gate check your bag in Rome if you are connecting to a flight in Spain. We missed the connection due to a mechanical issue and then got stuck in the Barcelona airport for 7 hours and they lost my bag. I got it back 2.5 days later but that wasn't the best experience. Glad I was still in Spain when they found it otherwise I'd probably still be waiting.

Anyway card stuff! The World Series is now tied 2-2. Solid series. Kind of cheering for the Astros cause I can't cheer for the Nationals being a Phillies fan. Eagles were terrible when I was away so now that I'm back I think they will beat Buffalo today. (I have the right to edit this later..)

Check this card out..

Pretty nice on-card auto of Hoskins. Still looking for last years Heritage blue auto at a decent price. Hoskins didn't have the best season as everyone knows but I hope he bounces back next year. If the Phillies can get some real starting pitching and between him Harper and Realmuto they could have something. Hopefully Girardi does well and gets the best out of everyone!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Are we gonna get a vacation recap post? If not, you should definitely think about doing so, as I'm sure you two took a lot of great photos, and those of us who don't travel would certainly enjoy seeing them.