Monday, January 18, 2021

What a RIP!

I did not buy any boxes of Topps Rip this year. I don't know how popular the product has been on the secondary market either. I personally don't collect too many random mini's. Although, I was able to grab one unripped ripped card for the PC. It's nice that someone left this one intact and it wasn't expensive on ebay. 

 The black variation out of 50. I don't think that has any bearing of anything is good inside. I didn't scan the back but it says it could be an exclusive mini base card or exclusive mini image variation base card or an exclusive mini autograph card, Tear if you dare! I like the Ginter rip cards. I've only ripped one of the few that I have (Paul Molitor for those that are wondering) (Also, have 2 Howard's, and 2 double rips intact (Hosmer/Perez and Kershaw/Maeda)) I feel like a lot of the ripped cards in this set were ripped since that was the main point of buying it. 

Phillies made a real offer to Realmuto. We'll see if he takes it, don't think he has too many big bidders at the moment. I like the Archie Bradley signing. Reasonable price and not a long term deal. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I watched Phil Hughes bust/rip a box of this product. He was on the struggle bus trying to reveal the minis!

    1. I've watched a few of his higher end breaks, stuff I'd never drop the money on but it's cool to see.

  2. And I've never even heard of these! Sounds like Topps is really milking the whole rip cards thing, it'd be interesting to know if people are buying into it or not.