Friday, July 16, 2021

Too long in between posts!

I'm always meaning to post but been busy with the kid and work and all. I have some things to post though. Been slowly but surely knocking out 2000 Upper Deck Ionix. I'm still in search of the Griffey auto but that's ok it'll turn up eventually! 

Transcendent! This is the Hoskins rookie card. Also, I may or may not be going to the Transcendent party in August (hint, I am!!!!!!!) Can't wait beyond excited! 

Thanks for reading, I will try and post more!



  1. What does one do at a Transcendent party?

    1. ha, I will find out. Still waiting for all the details from Topps, but I've heard its like a banquet type dinner with give aways and stuff. It wasn't cheap but may be a once in a lifetime thing for me so I went for it!

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  3. Hope you're able to take lots of pictures at the Topps party!