Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Big Hurt!

I recently was contacted by one of my cool readers out there George. Like me, he is a fellow Frank Thomas collector. We chatted some back and forth and he kindly offered to shoot me some of his doubles.. he failed to mentioned that he would send me about 100 different cards!

Check out this awesomeness!


The mix is great! All the 90s shininess is always appreciated. It has fueled my love of chrome. I added all of these cards to my master list and I now have over 500 different Thomas cards! It's quite fun to look through them all in the binder I have. I keep the autos and relics and the Finest refractor separate. Its tough to pick a favorite card but I am partial to the Score summit parallel. Brings back memories of opening packs with my brother. I think I may have a few parallels of that set buried in the basement somewhere (have to dig those ole cards out one day!)

Thanks for the kindness George!

Thanks for reading!

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