Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The 6th in my collection!

I recently picked up my 6th Auto of Ryan Howard! I had been searching for this card for about 2 years, so I may have slightly overpaid but it does not pop up much.

Check it out!

I like the auto on top of the large relic piece. Sure its not multi colored even though its low numbered but hey probably made it slightly cheaper. I believe Howard is the key to the team next year. He hasn't been the same since his achilles injury. If he can turn it on like David Ortiz has it would be huge for the Phillies. The starting pitching seems like it will be fine next year and the bullpen should get an overhaul and has to be better (only way to go is up!)

Now I just need the normal non auto Titanic Threads.

Also, in the next day or the day after (depends how busy I am) I plan on posting a whole bunch of non baseball hits for trade. I am trying to turn some of the non Phillies/Flyers/Sixers/Eagles stuff into that stuff!

Thanks for reading!

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