Monday, October 7, 2013

A Trade with Baseball Dad!

I am behind on trade posts! I will try and catch up in the next week or so. I wanted to show off what I received from everyone's favorite Tribe loving blog Baseball Dad Tribe Blog! He showed interest in a dual relic I posted a while ago and we quickly came to an agreement. I quite like what he sent back.

 I really like the Finest cards from the 90s. They were always out of my price range as a kid so it's nice to get them now and think of the good ole days in the 90s, when no one knew what a Debt Ceiling was. (at least I didn't). The Howard in the middle is one I didn't have. I wasn't big on the Pinnacle set this year so I didn't open any of it, so happy to get the Howard in a trade!

Lenny Dykstra was at the last card show I was at. He's had quite a life after baseball. Definitely, a good read even though everything he's done hasn't exactly been on the up and up. 

The centerpiece of the trade is this nice Pat the Bat relic! I like the way the Spectrum relic's look. Nice clean design.

Thanks for the trade!

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