Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trade with GCRL!

I recently completed a trade with Dodger Blogger GCRL! I sent him what was left of my Dodger tradebait (need to replenish that!) and he sent me a whole mess of interesting Phillies. I had trouble narrowing it down to the ones I wanted to show.

This page is nice. Eight Ryan Howard's and a Steve Carlton! Always appreciate a Triple Threads base card (I've yet to buy a box of it, maybe one day). The O Pee Chee card has a blank back, not sure if thats normal or not to be honest.

The Lidge is a sweet 1960 refractor! Big fan of the look of that set! I like the Orange retail refractors as well. The Burger King card is a sweet oddball. It's the checklist of the 1979 set. And I get 3 cards free with a order of large fries! I wonder if they will honor that now!

Thanks for the trade!


  1. If I'm remembering correctly, the blank back OPC are sp'd to 50. They're definitely a tough find - I passed on a copy of the Jack Wilson right around product release and have never seen another since.

  2. Yeah, what mark said. Thanks for the trade.