Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Back on the saddle!

My blog has been dark for a few more days then I wanted it to be, but that's what I get for not scheduling posts. My wife and I attended a friends wedding in Chicago. We didn't have time to do any sight seeing (flew in Friday, Wedding Saturday and flew out Sunday morning) but that's OK, I've seen most of Chicago since I lived on the North side for 2 years. I did get her to experience her first Steak and Shake. That went well! I am mostly back but I haven't scanned anything new. I still owe some cards to people. There will be a delay in getting those out due to work but you will receive something! (probably in a few weeks)

Here's a card I scanned a long time ago.. then traded it and never showed it on my blog. It's sitting in a nice PC now I'm sure.

A six way relic of Hideo Nomo, Kaz Ishii, Chan Ho Park, Rickey Henderson, Shawn Green and Al Oliver. I did like owning this card but I thought it would work better in a Dodgers PC. (There are a few of you out there!) If there is a Phillies version of this out there I would be interested! One Hall of Famer, and Nomo definitely make the card. Nomo is the trailblazer for all the overseas people. Without him, who knows if we'd ever see Matsui or Ichiro! I'm glad its generally accepted now to have a nice mix of international and local players on a team. Makes for some great baseball!

Thanks for reading and hope to be back to regular posting soon!

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  1. This has to be one of the more diverse cards ever made.

    I own a few variations of this card showing Pirates.