Thursday, April 30, 2015

An Auto and a Ring?!

Happy Thursday everyone! It's finally getting warm out. Baseball is in full swing. Some early season surprises and not so surprises. Devon Travis is having a Puig like breakout in his first month of the season. The Brewers are possibly the worst team in baseball but their offense might be better then the Phillies. Ryan Howard hit his 4th HR last night so who knows maybe he'll hit 25 this year?

Speaking of Ryan Howard.. I picked this nifty card up:

It is a sticker auto but I like the design of the card as a whole. Bowman's Best is a nice brand and I heard Topps is bringing it back this year. Hopefully the cards are just as nice. I haven't seen any 2015 Bowman in person yet but I'm not sure I love the design. The names look sidewise and are difficult to spot at first glance. (I've just looked at breaks online) (Also I know little about prospects so most of the names aren't known to me yet).

And here's the "ring"

It's Bryce Harper, who may be fulfilling his potential this year. He's looked real solid at the plate and is walking quite a bit instead of just swinging at that curve ball in the dirt. This card is quite thick but it came at the price of free! One of my work friends decided to give it to me after we discussed baseball cards one day. He's not an avid collector like me but he likes to open the occasional box. 

Appreciate the nice card and go Phillies!

Thanks for reading!

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