Monday, August 24, 2015

Quick Post, random thoughts

Been meaning to post earlier but got busy. I went to a party on Saturday and played the drinking game slip n slide flip cup. Needless to say I am quite sore and have a couple of bruises... all worth it though.

I'm still watching baseball every chance I get even though the Phillies are terrible. I never was big on researching before the draft but if the Phillies are in the top five maybe I'll take a look.

Fantasy Football Draft Season is upon us. I'm in my usual 4 leagues. I have 3 snake drafts and one auction draft. I am pick 3 of 10 and pick 10 of 12. The other one I won't find out until 30 minutes before the draft starts. Already 2 top WR's went down with torn knees (Jordy Nelson and Kelvin Benjamin) Injuries are the worst part of football.

I haven't gotten my hands on any of 2015 Topps Chrome yet but I will eventually. I would like to grab the Ryan Howard rainbow if possible. It's always a hunt for that superfractor though!

Thanks for reading..

and here's a random baseball pic!

This is my only auto of Bobby Doerr and my only button card. Pretty sweet!


  1. That is a fancy card my friend.

    My draft is Saturday and I have the first pick. I've been telling them I'm taking Manziel!

  2. That's a nice card. I haven't managed to get a button card yet. I am in an office league that's been going on for 12 years, but I've only been in it for 7 years. I won the Championship last year for the first time, so there is a big target on my back this season. I usually play in a few random leagues each year, but I prefer the ones that perpetuate in some form over multiple seasons.

  3. Bobby's a great TTM signer if you're looking for another Doerr sig, by the way. I just got three back from him, and an index card.