Monday, August 10, 2015

Ginter question among other things

Sorry for the lack of frequency of posts. I do have things I need to scan although my trading overall has fallen off a bit this year. I just haven't bought the new cards as much but I am still very interested in collecting and keeping it going. They're just expensive and I can't afford it all! Gotta pick and choose whats important. I like chasing the rare singles and spending the money that way as opposed to throwing it a few boxes and hoping for the best. I still do want to open a case this year (to completely contradict what I just said) but its not in the budget for August. Maybe Chrome won't do so hot out of the gate and drop in price (like last year). We shall see!

I am signed up for gint-a-cuffs. Had a question, where is everyone buying their boxes from? Anywhere have the best price on the net? Just getting a gauge for it all.

The Frank Thomas NNOF (my current holy grail) has popped up on ebay. Its at 1,125 with 6 days left. It is a PSA 8. (not that I personally care) I just want one! I've only ever seen one in person. It was kinda (very) out of my budget but I should've just pulled the trigger. I've seen more 1952 Mantles in person then this card! Even seen that odd George Bush 1990 Topps card a few times as well (don't really want that one).

I did bust a very cheap box the other day (1989 Donruss) I'll be sure to show the glory of that break next!

Thanks for reading..

Obligatory picture!

These were my box toppers the last 2 years for Gint a Cuffs. We shall see whats in store for this year!

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