Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cards from Wes!

Wes is the man hashtag Supertraders! I am going to work on a nice package to return. Hopefully find something real nice he doesn't have.

Every card in this package was either a hit or numbered ridiculous!

The Burrell card is awesome. I didn't know that parallel existed in that set. Moments and Milestones is a weakness of mine. I know there is 10,000 parallels but I want them all. 

My first Franco auto! Much appreciated! He's starting to hit real well and look like the player he's supposed to be. Hopefully the heir apparent to Howard, Utley and Rollins. We can start talking about Franco, Crawford and Alfaro! The Randy Wolf is one of those un-circulated parallels. 

I believe this is my first Bowman Chrome Blue auto. Definitely my first graded one. He has a good signature too. He didn't pan out in the majors for the Phils but he actually retired in 2012.

Thanks for the cards Wes and thanks for reading!

For those that don't know Wes runs the great blog Jay Barker Fan's Junk!


  1. Adrian Cardenas was quite the interesting case. He saw some playing time for the Cubs in 2012 as a bench option and then abruptly retired after the season because he had lost his passion for the game. So, he went back to school and wrote an excellent article for the New Yorker about his experience:

  2. I remember Cardenas ruining Burnett's no hitter.