Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dream Team Gold!

Who doesn't love 1995 score? No one! I am a huge fan of holograms in general. I wish they were more incorporated in every day life. I use excel quite a bit at work.. it would be much more interesting and fun if the numbers were holograms!

Here's a suggestion..

Joey Belle and Cal Ripken Jr fancy inserts! The scans came out real nice too now that I look at them closely. One day I'll actually complete this set, just haven't looked into what it would cost. These 2 were personally pulled by me back in 1995. 

The Phillies bullpen might be the worst in baseball. 2 games, 2 blown by the bullpen. The hitting isn't doing a ton but that was expected. The starting pitching is solid so far. I'm sure they'll have their ups and downs but 1 run in 2 games is great! Just excited for baseball season! How about Trevor Story! (for those that read my fantasy post I drafted him in the 20th round!) Who knows if he'll keep it up but always fun to see a guy start his career like that. Good times!

Thanks for reading! Hope your team has a good first week!


  1. You might say that Trevor IS the "Story" around baseball these days.

    Okay, sorry, I'll see myself out.

  2. I'm a huge fan of holograms too. Bring 'em back, someone!